Roosevelt Park Comprehensive Plan

BPRW is teaming up with consultants to develop a Comprehensive Plan for Roosevelt Park!

A thorough and robust public and partner engagement process will be starting in June 2023. The vision/plan for the park will be community-driven for this well-utilized and adored park in Burlington’s Old North End. 

As a hub of active recreation and Boys & Girls Club activities, Roosevelt is at the heart of the community. However, BPRW is asking: 

  1. Are there opportunities to make the park more inclusive? What amenities would support activities that are NOT taking place at Roosevelt?
  2. Are there areas in the park that could host public art in the future?
  3. How does the neighborhood access the park? Are there connections to the surrounding community that need to be improved? Would sidewalks on the park-side be helpful?
  4. How can activities in the park be improved year-round?
  5. What existing facility upgrades would be beneficial? 

We want to hear from you, from the parks’ neighbors and surrounding community. How do YOU use the park and if not, why not!? 

To be notified of upcoming public outreach and events, please sign up at:

Please note that if you or someone you know would like translation at a public meeting, this is possible! Please let us know! 

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