Our Staff


Wight, Cindi

Email: cwight@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 495-1919

Facilities Division

Cate, Melissa

Recreation Facilities Manager
Email: mcate@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-0784

Bajuk, Stan

Maintenance Worker - Leddy Arena
Email: sbajuk@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7538

Cartagena-Aponte, Janira

Office Assistant - Miller Center
Email: jcartagena@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 540-1058

Jennings, Sarah

Program Supervisor - Leddy Arena
Email: sjennings@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7566

Jones, Devin

Arena, Parks, Facilities Representative
Email: djones@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7558

Lapointe, Bob

Maintenance Specialist - Leddy Arena
Email: blapointe@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7538

Loyer, Darlene

Recreation Customer Service Representative
Email: dloyer@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 864-0123

Parks Division

Roach, Deryk

Parks Maintenance and Operations Superintendent
Email: droach@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-0007

Alger, Ryan

Facilities Maintenance Worker
Email: ralger@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 497-7519

Aube, Gene

Arborist Working Foreman
Email: eaube@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-6054

Bachand, Steven

Cemetery Worker
Email: sbachand@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 863-2075

Beaudry, Chris

Interim Facilities Maintenance Manager
Email: cbeaudry@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-2768

Bushnell, Holli

Cemetery Assistant
Email: hbushnell@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 863-2075

Cahill, Dan

Land Steward
Email: dcahill@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-7917

Campbell, Bruce

HVAC Technician
Email: bcampbell@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 495-6143

Comai, Vincent “VJ”

City Arborist
Email: vcomai@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 735-3055

Dhondop, Sangay

Facilities Coordinator
Email: sdhondup@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-2517

Eckhardt, Derrek

Arborist Technician
Email: deckhardt@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (603) 520-6401

Fredenburgh, Matt

Arborist Technician
Email: mfredenburgh@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 310-3702

Hawkins, Kurt

Buildings and Events Maintenance Specialist
Email: khawkins@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-0742

Hornick, Jake

Facilities Maintenance Worker
Phone: (802) 881-4025

Jinpa, Lobsang

Custodian - Fletcher Free Library
Email: djinpa@burlingtonvt.gov

Latullipe, Steve

Custodian - One North Ave
Email: slatulippe@bpdvt.org

Letzelter, Al

Grounds Maintenance Specialist
Email: aletzelter@burlingtonvt.gov

Magnus, Ian

Email: imagnus@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 338-2732

Morris, Paul

Grounds Maintenance Manager
Email: pmorris@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 556-1458

O’Daniel, Meghan

Pine Street Customer Service / Community Garden Administration
Email: modaniel@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7247

Shedd, Jeff

Assistant Cemetery Superintendent
Email: jshedd@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 863-2075

Snow, Ritchie

Grounds Working Foreman
Email: rsnow@burlingtonvt.gov

Sumner, Jonathan

Custodian - Miller Center
Email: jsumner@burlingtonvt.gov

Tsering, Dorjee

Custodian - Pine Street
Email: dtsering@burlingtonvt.gov

Tsewang, Pema

Custodian - City Hall & BCA

Yaros, Scott

Building & Events Maintenance Worker
Phone: (802) 735-7843

Planning Division

Sauve, Sophie

Parks Comprehensive Planner
Email: ssauve@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7248

Adams-Kollitz, Jon

Parks Project Coordinator
Email: jadamskollitz@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 233-1168

Madalinski, Max

Associate Parks Project Coordinator
Email: mmadalinski@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 881-4000

Wood, Diana

Marketing & Outreach Manager
Email: dmwood@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 730-6200

Recreation Division

Rogers, Gary

Recreation Superintendent
Email: grogers@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802)316-6987

Allen, Emma

Event Planner
Email: eallen@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 881-7767

Carter, Sarah

Recreation Specialist
Email: shcarter@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-1510

Carter, Susan

Recreation Specialist
Email: sncarter@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-1512

Cotton, Jen

Athletic Program Supervisor
Email: jcotton@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (617)448-3666

Holbrook, Candice

Recreation Program Manager
Email: cholbrook@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 503-7716

Marinelli, Nick

Recreation Specialist
Email: nmarinelli@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 735-5397

Putzier, Joanne

Administrative Assistant
Email: jputzier@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 864-0124

Tsering, Migmar

O.N.E. Community Center Site Coordinator
Email: mtsering@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-6540

Waterfront Division

Moreau, Erin

Waterfront Superintendent & Harbormaster
Email: emoreau@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 316-0263

Bailey, Richard

Events Coordinator
Email: rbailey@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-7247

Kaeding, Alec

Campground & Beach Manager
Email: akaeding@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 540-8382

Kaplan, Brendan

Marina Manager & Deputy Harbormaster
Email: Bkaplan@burlingtonvt.gov
Phone: (802) 865-3377