Penny For Parks Program

Penny For Parks Program


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About Penny for Parks

Penny for Parks is an annual funding plan for parks capital improvement projects.  Established in 2008, it was approved by voters as a parks improvement fund and is supported by a dedicated tax.  PFP is a short and long-range financial planning and project implementation tool developed to address community needs for the ongoing improvement of parks facilities.  Through this process, the Department is able to schedule the implementation of improvements over time and better able to identify phased funding strategies. A full community outreach and ranking process was established in the spring of 2012.


Here are some notable highlights from past projects:


Oakledge Restroom RenovationAFTER

BPRW believes in designing and building in top quality, long-lasting, easy to maintain, eco-friendly and accessible-to-all facilities. Working within the original footprint, we did not compromise on meeting the most current ADA standards, and along the way we developed standards that will guide our future restroom design and construction. These restrooms feature the signature tri-color polymer floor, waterless urinals, low flow toilets, super-efficient hand dryers, natural light tubes with backup LEDs, partitions made from recycled plastic, and (you can’t miss this) the beautiful tri-color Parks “b” adorning an entire wall.

Starr Farm Playground

Residents asked for an upgraded playground, and they got something amazing. The new structures are as fun to look at as they are to play on! Since opening in July, they’re one of the most popular hang outs… literally! The structure feature our branded colors, and are arranged with areas for little ones and school ages kids. But the best has to be the tensile climbing structure that just sparkles in the sun like a spider web.

WAYFINDING Sign System FamilyPark Wayfinding Design

New branding leads the way to new wayfinding. We have developed comprehensive new design standards for all of our signage that utilizes consistent colors and symbols, and are easy to read even for non-English speakers. Look for the first ones to be rolled out this summer!

Court & Field Improvements

Court maintenance and playing field resurfacing is an ongoing need for our parks. This past year saw the Gym floor at Miller Center redone with new lines for PICKLEBALL, and the surfaces of the Oakledge tennis courts were also redone.


Submit Your Ideas

As always, thanks for your parks project suggestions – keep ‘em coming! So, if you have an idea, please let us know.

Just complete the online form below (or use this PDF form: PFP Project Request Form).

Submissions for projects are accepted on a rolling basis. We will review submissions in January and may add your ideas into the following year’s project plans!

If you have any questions, please contact our Parks Project Coordinator, Jon Adams-Kollitz, (

Penny For Parks Submission

  • Give your project idea a name.
  • Tell us in which park or area you would like you see your project take place.
  • Let us know if you have some insights on project cost.
  • To the best of your knowledge describe the project scope, who this project will serve, potential project supporters, funding opportunities, and any other information relevant to the project. Additional supporting documents may be submitted with this form (maps, drawings, photos, etc.).
  • Drop files here or
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