Penny For Parks Program

Penny For Parks Program


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About Penny for Parks

Penny for Parks is an annual funding plan for parks capital improvement projects. In 2008, PFP was approved by voters as a parks improvement fund and is supported by a dedicated tax. By resolution, PFP is to be used exclusively for parks capital improvement needs. Eligible projects include the repair, renovation, replacement, or expansion of existing park and community garden facilities as well as the construction of new facilities in existing parks and community gardens. Funds not spent in one year carry over to the following fiscal year and remain in the PFP fund for this purpose until spent. 

PFP is also a short and long-range financial planning and project implementation tool developed to address community needs for the ongoing improvement of parks facilities. Through this process, BPRW is able to schedule the phased implementation of improvements over time and better identify funding strategies. PFP represents the best efforts to allocate available resources toward parks projects that provide the most benefit for the residents of Burlington. The program is reviewed each year to reflect changing community priorities within the larger framework of parks capital need and their impacts on use, operations, scheduling, and coordination with related projects. 

At any point during a given fiscal year, Burlington residents have the opportunity to inform BPRW of potential PFP or parks project suggestions by submitting the Project Request Form below.

On an annual basis the internal review team will screen public project requests using standard evaluation criteria to rank and prioritize each improvement project. Each project will be scored using the following criteria to reflect the immediacy of the need. 

Read more about Penny For Park and the annual process.


Here are some notable highlights from past projects:


Roosevelt Park Pathway Renovations

Building on the values of accessibility and inclusiveness laid out in BPRW’s 2015 Master Plan, new concrete walkways connect the Youth Center restrooms, basketball and tennis courts, and the main pathway through Roosevelt Park. Additionally, the main pathway through the park received a fresh coat of asphalt providing a smooth surface whether your biking, skating, or walking through the park.


Smalley Park Entrance Improvements

After completing the reconstruction of the Softball infield at Smalley Park (another Penny for Parks project) stormwater streaming into the park from Adams street began eroding the new infield and an informal pathway across the park. Installation of a new concrete vehicular ramp and sidewalk at one end directs stormwater back to the street where it belongs.


City-Wide Signage Installation

New branding leads the way to new wayfinding. We have developed comprehensive new design standards for all of our signage that utilizes consistent colors and symbols, and are easy to read even for non-English speakers. This April we rolled out new signage along the Greenway and at several of our parks. Keep an eye out for these beauty’s as you make your way around the city!


Outdoor Pickleball Lines

After a rapid deluge of public requests, two sets of pickleball lines were painted on the existing tennis courts at Calahan and Leddy Parks! We heard your requests and within two-weeks the lines were painted, ensuring more space for the “fastest growing sport in America!”



Submit Your Ideas

As always, thanks for your parks project suggestions – keep ‘em coming! So, if you have an idea, please let us know.

Just complete the online form below (or use this PDF form PFP Project Request Form )

Submissions for projects are accepted on a rolling basis. We will review submissions in October and may add your ideas into the following year’s project plans!

If you have any questions, please contact our Parks Project Coordinator, Max Madalinski, (

Penny For Parks Submission

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  • Let us know if you have some insights on project cost.
  • To the best of your knowledge describe the project scope, who this project will serve, potential project supporters, funding opportunities, and any other information relevant to the project. Additional supporting documents may be submitted with this form (maps, drawings, photos, etc.).
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