Leddy Bike Park

Updated 2/19/2024

We’re working on our first Bike Park! The park will welcome all ages and levels of bike riders.

This is a continuing park project building from the previous public meetings about Leddy Park and the Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan. Thanks to everyone that participated in the public meetings and online surveys!

How we are moving ahead:

Ecology, safety and scale are top considerations for a bike park at this location. Proper siting and sustainable trail design will result in a successful bike park that both meets the needs of the community who want to enjoy this recreational amenity, and address concerns regarding conflicts with the current uses and ecology of the park.

With the Comprehensive Plan mostly completed, we have posted an RFP for the design and construction of Phase I of the Burlington Bike Park. We expect the project to include construction-ready design and permitting of the full Bike Park and construction of approximately three-quarters of a mile of adaptive-mountain-bike (aMTB) accessible flow-trails and jump-lines. If all goes according to plan, construction could begin in the coming Summer or Fall of 2024.

Phase I is being funded in part by our Penny for Parks Funds, allocated after a community-request in 2019, and a substantial grant from the State of Vermont VOREC (Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative) program.


The Burlington Bike Park Coalition approached BPRW with an idea for establishing a bike park in Burlington. BPRW has continued exploring the feasibility and impact of a bike park at Leddy because:

  • It aligns with the 2015 BPRW Master Plan to increase trail management and access, improve trail systems to include mountain bike uses, and to formalize the Leddy Park trail system.
  • There are no formalized mountain bike trails in the City, this project is attractive because it would create a space for residents of all biking ability levels and backgrounds to ride mountain bikes without requiring access to a car to drive to a trail system outside of town.
  • This project is a good fit for this regional park with connection to the bike path and offers suitable space.
  • The preliminary location selected for the bike park was the traffic island located to the east of the Maintenance buildings and in-between the Arena entry and exit roads. However, a more in-depth ecological assessment of the park undertaken as part of the Comprehensive Plan, revealed that constructing the bike park in the woods along the southern part of the park would have less ecological impact.
  • The Comprehensive Plan outlined a conceptual design for the Bike Park, including beginner-to-advanced flow-trails and jump-lines and an asphalt pump-track.


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