Champlain Street Park Improvements

Champlain St. Park Design is Back!

Sept 2021 Update

After more than a year-long hiatus, the visioning and design process for Champlain St. Park is officially restarting! 

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March of 2020, the outreach and design development for Champlain Street Park were placed on hold due to City-wide budget and staffing reprioritization. We are looking forward to getting this project back underway, starting with a return to Outreach and Community Engagement this fall. 

Our online survey has been re-opened for input and can be reached via the following link: 

Take the online survey 

We will also be attending relevant NPA meetings for nearby Wards. See below for the anticipated timeline for this project.  

Revised Project Schedule 

  • 1/29/2020 – Visioning Meeting – King St. Youth Center 
  • 2/28/2020 – Public meeting IN the park 
  • 3/4/2020 – Online survey opens 
  • March of 2020 – Outreach and Design paused 
  • 9/28/2021 – Re-Initiating Outreach 
  • Planned Presentation to NPAs (get meeting details online): 
    • Ward 2/310/14 at 7:40 PM 
    • Ward 5 –  10/21/2021 @ 6:45 PM; 645 Pine St Meeting Room and  Virtual 
    • Ward 6 – 10/7 @ from 8:05 PM 
  • 9/28 Presentation and Outreach to CEDO Trusted Community Voices Program 
  • 9/28/2021 – Online Survey reopened 
  • October 2021 – Phone, digital, and In-person Outreach to Park Neighbors and adjacent property owners 
  • Winter 2021 – Project Design and Planning. Will include additional public input on any design options or alternatives. 
  • Spring/Summer 2021 – Project Implementation 


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