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Image of the Roosevelt Park 'lunch tray' - where the park is broken down into three areas and each area has three design options for review.

Roosevelt Park Comprehensive Plan

updated 6/14/2024 Curious about the options for Roosevelt Park’s Plan?   On June 6th, proposed options for Roosevelt Park’s plan were presented to the public in a public meeting. Members…READ MORE

Champlain Street Park Improvements

Champlain St Park Construction Update – 6/12/24 We’re almost there! We were very close to wrapping up construction at Champlain St. Park in the first week of June. Unfortunately, the…READ MORE

Leddy Bike Park

Updated 2/19/2024 We’re working on our first Bike Park! The park will welcome all ages and levels of bike riders. This is a continuing park project building from the previous…READ MORE

Oakledge Accessible Playground

  Oakledge Universally Accessible Playground Project Updates   Update — October 19, 2023 Save the date for the Oakledge Universally Accessible Playground Grand Opening! Saturday, November 4, 2023 1-2 p.m.:…READ MORE

Dewey Park Project Updates

Dewey Park Project Update  09/25/2023   Land Survey Findings BPRW has completed a thorough land survey of the Dewey Park parcel and the contiguous properties. The survey confirms that much…READ MORE

Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan

updated 6/14/2024 The final Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan Report is here! The final report of the Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan project is available for review. After over two years of…READ MORE

Greenway Project Updates

Leddy Pause Place Construction Update 10/27/23 Construction has (mostly) completed on the Leddy Park Pause Place! Feel free to stop by, look over the new landscaping, and test out the…READ MORE

BPRW Project Updates for Spring 2023

May 17, 2023 Welcome Spring!  We’ve enjoyed exploring ephemerals in Arms Forest, the blooms along the waterfront and new buds coming out on newly planted trees in our parks. We…READ MORE