Street Banners

Street Banners

The City maintains two locations to hang event banners: Main Street and Shelburne Road. The banner program is designed for city departments, non-profits and event producers to promote local events, fundraisers and raise awareness for certain causes.

The program complies with Vermont Billboard Law. Our event banners fall into the 10 VSA 494(9) exemption – two-week event signs, which are allowed in town highway rights of way, which in the City is all streets including the state and US routes. “Signs to be maintained for not more than two weeks announcing an auction, or a campaign, drive, or event of a civic, philanthropic, or religious organization.”

Apply for a Banner Online!

Apply in the link above

Application process

We are currently accepting applications for January through April of 2024, Applications for May-December 2024 will open in January 2024.

To apply for a banner: go to Open Gov, read the information and policies, check the availability calendar to see currently open time slots for each location, then scroll down to the bottom of the page – select “Shelburne & Main Street Banners” to start a new application.

Completed applications will be reviewed based on priorities listed below. Organizations will be notified of application and date acceptance through the Open Gov platform.

IMPORTANT: Please check for email notifications (if not receiving, check in Spam folder) from OpenGov about application status, payment, or other important massages. You will need to visit OpenGov to respond to messages and submit payment. Payment is due, in full, within 7 days of application approval. Please be aware that your banner dates are not confirmed until payment is received.

2024 pricing

Funds from the banner program support the cost to run the program as a public service.

  • $600 for a two-week banner-run period.
  • If banners need to be adjusted or re-hung, the banner provider will be charged additional fee of $300.

Banner requests are considered in order of priority

  1. City department Events (i.e., City Arts, CEDO, Library).
  2. Events that benefit non-profits or generate a substantial economic impact for downtown Burlington.
  3. Local and regional non-profits that provide services for our area. These include fundraising events and annual campaigns that raise awareness of important social issues.
  4. Other non-profit organization requests.
  5. For-profit business promotion will generally not be considered.

Please Note

  • We DO NOT GUARANTEE banner hanging locations and dates based on previous years.
  • Applying for a banner with the online form is an acknowledgement that you have read and understand all relevant information.
  • Payment is due within 7 days of approval of the banner online by BPRW staff.
  • Banner providers are fully responsible for providing banners that meet required specifications and standards (listed below and on the application).

Banners Specifications

If you receive approval for an application, your banner must meet required specifications below.

Banners must be delivered fully assembled with grommets, clips, rope, and properly labeled. Deliver directly to: Barrett’s Tree Service, Inc. 376 Patchen Road So. Burlington, VT 05403. 802-862-0302 Please notify Barrett’s by stopping in the office or calling when dropping off a banner!

  • Dimensions: Min size: 15’x 3′ up to Max size: 20’x 3.5′
  • Material: Must be 100% to 50% mesh to allow wind flow, with 4” inch pole pockets sewn at top and bottom.
  • Grommets: Large #1 spur Grommets at all 4 corners and every 2′ along TOP EDGE (not at stitched seam) of top pole pocket
  • Clips: 3-1/4” inch carabiner snap hooks at every grommet
  • Rope: 80’ feet span of 1/2” to 7/16” nylon or polypropylene rope sewn into banner top & bottom (preferred method), or 35 feet of rope on each side (top and bottom) tied securely to the corners.
  • Delivery: Banner must be delivered one week before the scheduled date.
  • Pick up: You must pick up your banner from Barrett’s Tree Service no later than two weeks after its removal. If a banner is not picked up, it will be disposed of.
  • Banners will be rejected if specifications and instructions are not followed, no exceptions.


Banners will be hung on or about the first (1st) and on or about the fifteenth (15th), of each month at each of two designated locations, Main Street and Shelburne Road. Banner hangings may vary depending on weather conditions and contractor equipment and staffing. If the 1st or the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the banner will be hung on the next official working day.