Ethan Allen Park Trails

We are excited to announce the start of a trail restoration project at Ethan Allen Park.  This work will be completed through a partnership with Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) and the BPRW Trails and Conservation Program. Specifically, the trail leading up to the Tower will be the focus of this work which suffers from inadequate stabilization and frequent erosion.  The City recently celebrated the repointing of the historic tower over last fall ($62,000), the replacement of the interpretive panel (which describes this historic park) this spring, and the City Council approving a $60,000 annual contract with VYCC that will begin to invest needed time, expertise and energy into our treasured trail system.  Unfortunately, due to the footprint of the work area and the need to safely move and store materials and workers throughout the site – the Ethan Allen Tower will remain locked and closed to the public.


Work begins on 6/20/2017, and is scheduled to be completed by the 4th of July.

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