Outdoor Skating & Winter Activities

It’s that time of the year again, the days are shorter, the temperatures are chilly, and winter snow and ice activities are aplenty. While winter is the perfect time to stay inside with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a nice blanket, it’s also the perfect time to get out and enjoy some of the following activities.

We’ll be regularly posting information on this web page and also on Facebook and Twitter to notify you about openings and providing weekly rink status.

Outdoor Ice Skating

Burlington currently has outdoor ice rinks in five of our parks (Lakeside, Battery, Calahan, Roosevelt, & Starr Farm). Ice is maintained by either volunteers and those that skate there, or BPRW park staff. If you want to have a quick game of ice hockey, or just practice your skating, the outdoor rinks are the perfect place. Some rinks offer free skates to borrow, and some even have skating under the lights. There are also public skating hours at Leddy Arena if you prefer skating indoors!

Reminder: Please keep off the outdoor ice rinks when they aren’t frozen solid.

Snow Shoeing, Cross Country Skiing, & Walking/Biking

The Burlington Greenway and other trails, are an excellent place to get some snow shoeing in. The Greenway offers 8 miles of path that is maintained by Burlington Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront. Plowing of the path usually begins between 24 and 72 hours after a storm event. For more information on plowing, please visit the Winter Plowing Policy post!

If any of these activities are right up your alley, then I am sure you have wondered what the conditions were like before taking off to your favorite activity. Now you can find all the information about the winter activities around the Burlington area in one place. Every Thursday there will be new information pertaining to your favorite activities, including the conditions of the six outdoor skating rinks and the Burlington Greenway for you to view! The information runs from Thursdays to Wednesdays, and will be updated on a weekly basis.

Greenway update 1/9:

Snow showers have let up and people are beginning to flock to the path. 2-3 inches of wet snow has been plowed down to slush over glare ice. Caution should be taken!!! Shoulders are ready for some fresh ski tracks! Remember: “ski to the east” to keep new tracks preserved.

Photo from 1/9. Remember “ski to the east”. The plow piles snow on the west.


Rink update:




For current conditions of some of our neighborhood volunteer-run rinks, follow them on Facebook!