City Hall Park Improvements

Welcome to the BPRW City Hall Park Project Update Page!

BPRW will be posting all the latest information on City Hall Park right here to help inform you on upcoming plans and construction details of the project.

Plans for City Hall Park have been refined extensively since 2012 as a result of public and stakeholders’ input. First through the Imagine City Hall Park Process in the summer of 2012, and then as part of the Great Streets Initiative.

To address questions and comments we’ve heard to date, we’ve created an FAQs page. It’s full of information and we’ll continue to update it as more questions come in.

Click here to see the full-sized plans and read the FAQ’s

View or download the fact sheet: CityHallPark-Improvements-Handout


Local Business Meeting

Join us for an informational meeting about the construction, schedule, and impacts to the surrounding streets.

June 12th

5:00-8:00 PM, in BCA (135 Church Street), 2nd floor conference room

Businesses closely surrounding the park are also invited to a smaller morning session, but you are welcome to join either meeting that fits your schedule!

8:00-10:00 AM, in City Hall, conference room 12

To find information about ALL of the construction projects and improvements happening in Burlington, check out the City’s Construction Portal

3 thoughts on “City Hall Park Improvements

  1. Is there a coffee kiosk in the updated plan? Why?
    And, the plan states that the Farmers Market will be moved to the outside of the park. What is there to protect the greenbelt, the berm, between the sidewalk and the street? Is there any way to only use the pavement for the Farmers Market and it’s users?

  2. Ellen, the FAQ page addresses some of your questions specifically:

    Q: Why is there a café proposed within the park?

    A: The small kiosk, and seating areas that can be utilized for temporary food carts, are intended to provide a range of activities within the park on a more regular basis. Along with more frequent, small performances and more seating the park, these can help draw people into the park for day-to-day activities.

    Q: Why is the park being designed for the Farmer’s Market? Isn’t there somewhere else it could go?

    A: In recent years, the Farmer’s and Artist’s Markets have become central features of the park, recognized by many Burlingtonian’s as something they love about the park today. The popularity of this event is among the uses of the park contributing to some of the challenges with the park’s infrastructure. That said, the park is not being designed for the market.

    One of the fundamental changes in the plan is that the market vendors will be organized around the park’s four edges, on hardscaped areas which can support this use, rather than on the pathways in the center of the park. This arrangement will allow for more utilization of the park’s open spaces for seating and passive uses on market days, and reduce future impacts to the grass and soil conditions due to foot traffic in the park. Additionally, there are fewer vendors accommodated in this plan than the market currently features today.

    Also mentioned in the FAQ’s:
    The flexible spaces organized along these pathways accommodate a variety of activities such as small performances, a wide range of seating types, the artist market, and a central gathering area with an interactive fountain. This allows for infrastructure, which supports these activities to be condensed and incorporated into hardscape areas, retaining maximum un-programmed space and limiting future soil compaction from these activities encroaching on the lawn.

    The plans call for a retaining wall at the southern end and fencing at the northern side to delineate pedestrian traffic between the sidewalks and the park landscaping.

    I hope that answers your questions. but please reach out if you would like more information.

  3. This looks terrific! Reminds me of a smaller version of Washington Park in Cincinnati, one of my favourite urban parks in the world. Can’t wait to see this come to fruition!

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