Community Art Project With a Purpose

Old North End community members of all ages, from preschool students to seniors, helped us create a community mural using “wishful recycling” items to build awareness of the challenges of recycling. Participants from the Champlain Senior Center, Integrated Arts Academy, Sustainability Academy and The Janet S Munt Family Room sorted through (clean) non-recyclable items and created the individual tiles that make up the larger mural.

The mural highlights the wishful thinking so many of us do when we’re putting items in the recycling bin. “Maybe this goes here? Oh, they’ll sort it out at the plant.” Such items include black plastic, soy and almond milk cartons or flimsy plastic bags and packing materials. These items do not belong in our recycling bins.

One of the intentions behind the mural is to inspire us to remember that if many individuals do their part to reduce waste and think carefully about what we are putting into recycling, we can have a positive impact on our local waste stream, which in turn can have a meaningful impact on climate change.

Everyone is invited to view the mural at its location on Crombie Street in the Old North End from July 25, 2020 until August 31, 2020. Signage will be posted directing viewers to the mural.

Special thanks to Alissa Faber for organizing this project!