Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan

Together with the BPRW team, consultants at SE Group kicked off the long-term visioning for Leddy Park in late March. The Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan builds on outreach undertaken in spring 2019 on amenities at Leddy – both planned and in the works. The Leddy Park Comprehensive Plan will provide a clear vision and cohesive roadmap for the future of Leddy Park, delivered through a highly collaborative and community-driven process. The Comprehensive Plan will identify how to connect the diverse uses on the site, prioritize opportunities for environmental resource management, and determine what infrastructure is needed to support visitors into the future.

The first step in the process will include analyzing existing conditions on the site through inventory and observations, data review and collection. Some of the data collection has already occurred, with UVM Spatial leading a drone flight over the park in mid-March. Information collected includes aerial imagery of the park as well as topographical information which can inform what can and cannot be done on the sight.

This spring, we’ll be gathering input from focus groups that are long-time users of the park, followed by an open-house style meeting in early June for the public. We’re planning on tabling in the park this summer to gather input from community members and visitors to the park through intercept surveys.

Stay tuned for more information to come about public meetings, online surveys and updates!

Learn about past work here

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