Roosevelt Park Tennis Courts Reconstruction

Updated: 5/20/2023

Courts Reopen on Thursday, May 23, 2024

We’ve had a cold start to the season, but now that we’re finally getting some sunshine the contractor has come out to Roosevelt to finish painting and resurfacing the new Tennis Courts! They put the first coats down on May 16th and are back to finish painting today on May 20th. We will be keeping the courts locked up and closed for the next two days to ensure the paint can fully cure and then they will reopen on Thursday, the 23rd.

Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked through another long-term improvement to Roosevelt Park!


Post from: 10/20/2023

Courts will Reopen in Spring of 2024

Unfortunately, mother nature has not cooperated and the weather in October has been too cold and rainy for our contractor to paint the new court surface. Specifically, the temperature needs to stay above 50° F overnight for the paint to set, without rain.

With the new pavement going down in late September, construction went on a 3-week pause so the pavement could cure. This ensures that oils and residues in the asphalt will not prevent the paint from sticking. While some years October brings a couple 70-to-80-degree weeks, this year the timing did not work out. And so, reluctantly, we are postponing the completion of the court renovations until the weather improves.

See you in the Spring!


Post from: 9/21/2023

Tennis Court Reconstruction Underway!

If you’ve been by Rosie in the last week or so, you’ve probably noticed that contractor has been making rapid progress on the reconstruction of the tennis courts. After removing all the existing fencing and asphalt, we worked with the vendor to inspect the existing gravel and see if it could be reused. The material did not have the right mixture of stone and fines to compact well, so we continued with the expected plan to excavate the everything and install 6” of compacted dense-graded gravel.

Demolition gets underway on the tennis courts!
The soil under the courts is graded flat and compacted.
A roller compacts 6″ of fresh gravel-subbase, that has been laser-graded to ensure the courts shed water.

Next, the base course of asphalt was installed followed by new fence posts and tennis net anchors and post embedded in concrete footings. With all that in place, there’s been a brief pause while working with the paving subcontractor’s schedule, but we expect the finish course of pavement to be installed this coming Friday, September 22nd.


The paving crew lay and compact the base course of asphalt paving.
Base course, DONE!
The new fence posts set firm and plumb in fresh concrete footings.

Once the paving goes down, the fence mesh and gates will be installed, and then the project will go back on a 2-to-3-week break while we wait for the asphalt to fully cure. Allowing the paving to cure ensures that the painted surface will stick strongly, but the paint also requires overnight temperatures of 50 F for application, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for warm weather in October!



Post from: 9/7/2023

Starting this Fall – Roosevelt Park Tennis Courts Reconstruction!


Beginning on September 7 (weather permitting), construction will start on the Tennis Courts at Roosevelt Park.

The project will include demolition and replacement of all parts of the tennis courts and fencing. As the courts have passed their 30-year lifespan, the time has come to replace them in order to address the cracks and heaves that appear each year.

We expect the reconstruction to take two months to complete, and for the courts to likely re-open at the end of October.

Check back here and on our social media accounts for updates!

Image of chain link fence with aging tennis courts in background. Sign on fence reads: Roosevelt Park Tennis Courts closing soon for reconstruction, September to October 2023.



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