Greenway Project Updates

Leddy Pause Place Construction

Update 10/27/23

Construction has (mostly) completed on the Leddy Park Pause Place! Feel free to stop by, look over the new landscaping, and test out the newest fitness station. The last items that need to be completed include, new signage for the Arena and Greenway (Fall ‘23), mulching and stabilization of exposed soil (Fall ‘23), and final seeding and landscaping (Spring ‘24).  

We’re excited to have finished construction on the last of the Greenway Pause Places! The pause place locations were initially envisioned a decade ago during the 2012 Bike Path Feasibility Study. The completion of the Leddy Pause Place marks another milestone in the completion of the Burlington Greenway Reconstruction!

Below are some additional photos from the project construction:

First, a trench for the new bioswale was excavated and a layer of gravel installed over geotextile, creating a reservoir at the bottom of the swale. PVC underdrains run the length of the swale allowing filtered water to run through a new concrete catch basin during severe storms.


On top of the gravel, a layer of sand helps to filter stormwater.


And then a layer of soil covers the sand, providing nutrients for plants.
Then 100s of shrubs and perennials, were planted into the soil and sand.
And finally, the whole thing received a layer of mulch and watering (as needed) to help the plants establish roots in the system.


Several new Maple trees add tree canopy to this part of the park.


Sandy subsoil from the project has been stockpiled on-site to be re-used for building the bike park next year.
Several new lights were installed along the main walkway to the ice arena.


Update from 06/23/23

Construction continues to wrap up the Leddy Pause Place in early July. Concrete pads have been poured and the installation of the last fitness station along the Greenway has started. However, during installation of the equipment, it came to our attention that some parts were missing. We are in touch with the vendor and the work should wrap up imminently.
In the interim, we ask members of the public to continue to avoid crossing the construction work zone AND to stay off the fitness equipment; particularly the equipment that is wrapped in caution tape. We will provide an update once the work is completed in the area of the fitness stations and when the equipment is safe to use.
Please always proceed with caution near construction (active or not) and follow all detours; they are installed for your safety. Thank you for your cooperation!

Updated 05/25/2023

Construction has been underway on the Leddy Pause Place this past week, with the contractor getting to work on demolition, followed by replacing an old metal culvert and timber retaining wall. With the new culvert in place, they’ve moved on to stripping and stockpiling topsoil and are excavating down to subsoil to make space for a fresh gravel base that will ensure the long-term durability of the new pavement. As always, please follow all detour signs, keep out of the active construction zone, and follow directions from on-site personnel.

Some more remains of the old timber retaining wall and metal culvert.
The old corrugated-metal culvert broke apart while being dug up by the excavator.









The pavement at the entrance of the Arena has been torn out. A concrete pad will create a more durable surface at the entrance of the building.
Fresh concrete will also create a durable surface outside these emergency egress doors.


The contractor excavated out the footprint for the new fitness station. The unique shape preserves the existing trees growing in this area, which will provide shade as they mature.
A new concrete access-hatch and corrugated HDPE culvert will ensure rainwater can continue to drain through the ditches surrounding this area.

05/16/23 Update


Construction on a new Greenway Pause Place at Leddy Park will begin Wednesday, May 17, 2023, and continue through to July 2023. A detour for the affected portion of the Burlington Greenway will be in effect.

Detour: the first row of parking closest to the Ice Arena has been temporarily closed for use as a detour for the Burlington Greenway.

For pedestrian access to the ice arena and beach, please use the northern access road that goes around north side of the Ice Arena. Several temporary parking spaces will be designated for ADA use closest to this access road.

Please follow all detour signs, adhere to directions from authorized personnel, and use caution when moving past the active construction zone. Thanks in advance for your patience as we maintain and improve our beloved park!

About the Pause Place 

See the plan rendering here: Leddy PP Rendered Site Plan
The project will include renovated pathways between the Gordon H. Paquette Ice Arena and the parking area with a large concrete oval at the intersection with the Greenway to provide more space for people to navigate this busy area.

A final fitness station will be added, along with bike racks, a bike tuning station, and new walkway lighting. A large bioswale will be constructed between the Greenway and the parking lot. The bioswale will be planted with native trees, shrubs, and perennials to beautify this stretch of the Greenway while infiltrating, filtering, and reducing runoff to Lake Champlain.

As part of the initial 2011 design for renovating the Greenway, Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront (BPRW) has created several Pause Places that offer amenities to users and improve traffic flow. The final Pause Place at Leddy Park will complete the initial vision for the Greenway.

The Railway Realignment Project

6/16 update:

On Thursday June 16, the west side of Battery between Main and Maple has parking spaces removed so the contractor can repaint the roadway markings. Once the work is complete, parking will be restored. Thank you for your patience.

5/26: the new alignment of the Greenway path to the west side of the tracks is complete and reopened!

5/12 Update:

The north side of College Street connection to the Greenway is getting redone at the ECHO/College plaza. Detour for cyclists is at Penny Lane to Lake Street. Work should be completed by the end of next week or sooner.

4/28/22 Update:

the detour on Battery between King and Maple will be temporarily removed starting tomorrow (4/29) to approximately next Wednesday (5/3) for intersection work at both King and Maple. The detour will go back in place once that work is complete until the end of the work (which should be by end of May).

The detour between College and King remains unaffected and in place on Battery Street. Please follow all detour signage and respect traffic safety officials directing traffic at all times.


Updated 4/15/2022

Parking has been temporarily removed on the west side of Battery Street between Main Street and Maple Street. The Greenway will be closed between College Street and Maple Street until mid-May. The temporary Greenway detour is now in place on Battery Street between Main Street and Maple Street with bike lanes going both north and south on the west side of Battery Street.

ADA parking spaces in this stretch will be moved again to the north side of King Street.


Oakledge Park

Update 4/15/2022

Work is wrapping up in Oakledge near the Flynn Ave entrance to fix the brickwork at the beach access, as well some final touch-ups from the work that wrapped up this winter. This should NOT affect Greenway path users. The entrance will be reopened this week.

New brickwork at the Oakledge Park entrance on Flynn Avenue

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