Award-winning Skatepark

The City of Burlington received the VRPA Facility of Merit Award for the Andy A_Dog Williams Skatepark.

This award recognizes not only the amazing design of the skatepark, but also the community effort involved to make the project happen. Congratulations to everyone involved in this successful community project.

About Andy and the Skatepark

DJ/Turntabalist Andy “A_Dog” Williams was the epitome of generosity, positivity and curiosity. His passion and innovation in skateboarding, music, and art earned him recognition as a musical talent and a cultural icon. In December 2012, Andy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). On December 26, 2013 Andy passed away due to complications post-bone marrow transplant.  Andy played an integral role in the creation of Burlington’s first skatepark and was always an inspiring and welcoming presence there. He was passionate about skateboarding and all things influenced by the culture: music, art, design and above all, the sense of community. Beyond all his many accomplishments, Andy A_Dog Williams will be remembered for being a genuine and extraordinary human being who constantly gave the best of himself, both to those who knew and loved him, as well as the many strangers who were touched by his kindness. Friends for A_Dog Foundation was formed as a non-profit in 2013 to continue his amazing legacy and put forward his positive influence.

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Thanks to our community for contributing to the realization of A-Dog Skatepark! Special thanks goes to: the Burlington Skatepark Coalition for their dedication and grass roots mobilization; the City’s DPW and CEDO for managing this project to successful completion; the HUD Community Development Block Grant program, the FHWA Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Grant program, and BPRW’s Penny for Parks program for funding support; the Tony Hawk Foundation, Burton, and Fuse for their generous contributions. More than 100 individual community donor names are engraved into bricks featured in the park.

Designed by Grindline

Installed by Artisan Skateparks

Opened in November 2015 by Mayor Miro Weinberger

Dedicated to Andy A_Dog Williams on June 4, 2016


Further Celebration will take place on June 4th at the dedication ceremony!

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