Meet the Fleet

The latest addition to our four-wheeled family includes a new gator truck!

You’ll likely see it this summer along the Greenway, cleaning up the beaches and the bike path. Wave to Cory and his crew when you see them.


Did you know?

BPRW maintains about 150 pieces of equipment and vehicles ranging from bucket trucks, trailers, boats, small utv’s, mowers, tractors, etc.

Some of our most impressive vehicles include:

The new bucket truck that reaches to 75 feet!! Our city arborists get the best views!new bucket truck

And how about our Harbormaster’s boat? Kinda makes one of the coolest jobs in our parks, even cooler right?

Harbormaster Boat

Later this season our Ice Arena Zamboni will be replaced, so stay tuned for pictures of that, because we ordered it in custom BPRW colors of course!