Bike Path Winter Plowing Policy

Bike Path Winter

Our new Bike Path Maintenance Specialist, Paul, will plow the section between North Beach Campground and Perkins Pier, and when possible also between Queen City Road and Home Avenue in the south end, and from Austin Drive to the upper parking lot at Oakledge Park. He will clear all intersections at road crossing of dangerous snow piles.

Depending upon the event and type of snow, intersections and section plowing could be delayed up to 72 hours after a storm event. We allow this buffer of time because the job isn’t as easy as driving the length of the path to clear it. Paul needs to use several different machines and vehicles, and will even manually shovel some tight spaces. He is responsible for the Burlington Greenway and the 127 Path. Also, please keep in mind that our small team isĀ  responsible for making sure all of our public facilities (Miller Community Center, Leddy Ice Arena, City Hall, Library, etc.) are able to open safely and as scheduled. Any application of salt and sand will be carefully considered and not regularly applied (recognizing the harmful impact they have on lake health) so wear your YakTrax when things get icy!

If you’re hoping for fresh snow for skiing, better hit the paths early OR if you’re looking for groomed snow, please head over to the Intervale!