Sowing Winter Seeds

Article by Margaret Paul

Are you eager to get planting for the coming garden season?  Are you too limited by time, space or budget to start seeds indoors?  Then you might really enjoy Winter Sowing.  It’s a method of starting seeds in mini-greenhouses, outside in winter, to get hardy starter plants by Spring. Anytime between January to mid-March is a perfect time to start Winter Sowing in Vermont.

For the past few years, I’ve been getting a head start on my garden by using the Winter Sowing meth
od.  It allows me to grow strong vegetable and flower starts that are easily hardened off in time for Spring. I can plant many more plants and varieties with the space I have outside than I ever could indoors. It saves electricity by eliminating the need of grow lights or heat mats.It saves you time by making use of the Winter slow period and reducing work during the busier time in Spring. Once planted, there’s nothing more to do until Spring. You can use many free or recycled items as containers. If you’re interested in this inexpensive and space and time saving approach, see the guides below to learn how to Winter Sow for your garden.

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