Perkins Pier Siting Study & Master Plan

An interdisciplinary team of consultants led by Agency Landscape + Planning has been retained to complete a Siting Study at Perkins Pier.  With the support of City staff, the team will lead a robust public engagement process to identify a unified, water and land-side vision for the public park and marina, identifying amenities or partnerships that integrate economic development, enhance visitor experiences and residents’ quality of life within the parameters of the site. The team has started an in-depth site analysis – identifying site opportunities and constraints and after several initial stakeholder meetings, next steps include a public meeting.

Perkins Pier Re-Imagining Public Meeting

The second public meeting will be on May 18 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

In the second public work session, the City team will present design options for Perkins Pier. The meeting will focus on collecting public feedback on the design and answering questions.

Click here to register for the virtual meeting


First Public Meeting was held March 16 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

We hosted a virtual public meeting to Re-Imagine Perkins Pier. Our consultants from Agency Landscape + Planning provided an overview of the project, identified project goals, the site analysis they have completed including both park and marina-side conditions, climate resiliency and provided opportunities for individuals to interact via polls, the chat and a question and answer session. Over 190 individuals registered for the virtual meeting, over 100 attended. More than 130 questions were asked and answered by the more than 70% Burlington residents who participated.  

View the slides Agency produced and used to guide the conversation here. 

View the live recording by Town Meeting TV-Channel 17 of the virtual meeting here. 

View the in-person interview with our Parks Project Coordinator, Jon Adams-Kollitz about the site and project. 


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