Perkins Pier Siting Study & Comprehensive Plan

The final report for the Perkins Pier Siting Study is complete and available for review! BPRW initiated the planning process and worked with the consultant team led by Agency Landscape + Planning to develop a plan based on a robust community engagement process including several public meetings, surveys and a pop-up event onsite.  

The final plan represents an evolution of ongoing uses of the site, as well as ways in which to improve this much-loved park and “people’s pier”.  While not as visible in the rendered plan, resilience to high water and wave action –and climate change in general- was a critical factor in developing the plan. Other influential physical factors included: the Greenway realignment driven by passenger rail’s return to the Queen City and the potential expansion of the wastewater treatment plant to the north in future years. 

We heard that connections to the water and access to the water by small non-motorized personal crafts were a priority, as well as integrating BPRW facilities onsite for our waterfront staff for operations and workspace. A centralized public building provides an opportunity to partner with proposed rental space, new public restrooms, and continued presence in the park.  

Now that the final plan is in-hand, BPRW will work on identifying projects to include in future capital planning, as well as opportunities for in-house implementation.  

Read the Final Report


Perkins Pier Re-Imagining Public Meetings

Together with the BPRW team,  consultants at Agency Landscape + Planning led several public workshops to engage the community in providing feedback on Perkins Pier. If you missed any of them and want to review what was discussed – there are several options available below, including a full meeting recording by Town Meeting TV-Channel 17.  Our Parks Project Coordinate, Jon Adams-Kollitz was also interviewed about the site and project prior to the meeting.

The Final Public Meeting Was Held on December 7 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The third (and final) virtual public meeting for Perkins Pier’s Siting Study took place. BPRW and the consultant team, led by Agency Planning + Design, gave a summary of the feedback on the two conceptual plans and present the final plan to the public with opportunity for comments/questions.

You can review the slide presentation here.

Click here to watch the recorded presentation. Use Passcode: XC3a^mBa

The second public meeting was held on May 18 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The second virtual public meeting presented design options for Perkins Pier. Our consultant team, led by Agency Planning + Design, provided an overview of the project, a summary of feedback received during the first public meeting, site programming constraints and provided opportunities for individuals to interact via polls and the chat feature.   

Over the summer, BPRW and the consultant team will work towards a preferred plan and present the final Study results in early fall.  

Over 100 individuals registered for the virtual meeting, over 50 attended.   

View the slides Agency Planning + design produced and used to guide the conversation here.  

View the live recording of the virtual meeting here.  

First Public Meeting was held March 16 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

We hosted a virtual public meeting to Re-Imagine Perkins Pier. Our consultants from Agency Landscape + Planning provided an overview of the project, identified project goals, the site analysis they have completed including both park and marina-side conditions, climate resiliency and provided opportunities for individuals to interact via polls, the chat and a question and answer session. Over 190 individuals registered for the virtual meeting, over 100 attended. More than 130 questions were asked and answered by the more than 70% Burlington residents who participated.  

View the slides Agency produced and used to guide the conversation here. 

View the live recording by Town Meeting TV-Channel 17 of the virtual meeting here. 

View the in-person interview with our Parks Project Coordinator, Jon Adams-Kollitz about the site and project. 


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