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Northshore Pause Place Takes Shape During Snowvember

December 6, 2018 – The contractors worked through an unusually cold and snowy November to complete the basic structure of the Northshore Pause Place and Stair Access. They will return at the earliest opportunity in the spring to pour the exposed aggregate concrete paving that has become a signature on Greenway places to date (similar to  the concrete walkway to access the beach near the oval overlook south of North Beach). Work will continue on installing helical pilings and pre-fabrication of the new Parks standard staircase.

The finishing touches at this newest and northernmost overlook will include bike racks and Big Belly solar powered garbage and recycling containers. Additionally, there will be a commemorative bench, donated by our Greenway partner, Local Motion, on behalf of one of their members. We would like to thank the Burlington Parks Foundation for their continued support for Greenway rehabilitation. This time out, generous donors provided $100,000 towards construction of this substantial upgrade. Stay tuned for spring construction details and an opening celebration.

North Shore overlook construction

North Shore Pause Place Reconstruction Begins!

October 17, 2018 – The North Shore Pause Place installation kicks off later this week with demolition of the existing damaged stairs and the remainder of the wood and brick structure. The new designs will have the same functions of a wayside gathering and scenic viewing spot with stair access to the beach, but with noticeable improvements. The new pause place will be built to last featuring textured concrete overlook seat walls, a memorial bench supported by a Local Motion donation, separate bike parking and recycling/trash receptacles (BPRW’s highly successful Big Belly solar powered compacting smart waste and recycling containers), native and naturalized plantings.

The project will debut BPRW’s new standard staircase design, featuring galvanized/powder coated steel with replaceable wood treads and risers. This system can be custom ordered based on site needs and installed with a crane as a prefabricated unit. Additionally, the staircase will be supported by helical anchors. The helical anchors are BPRW favorite for their efficiency and minimal disturbance, special drill-in-place footings that utilize no excavation, no concrete, no extra material to remove, and no backfilling.

Weather permitting, the new pause place is expected to be completed by mid-December with the staircase installation later in the winter to minimize disturbance.

Burlington Greenway users, the path should remain open for most of the construction period. There may be some short term closures – stay tuned here for details. Please use caution as you approach this work zone, located between Starr Farm Road and North Ave Extension. This project is supported by charitable donations via the Burlington Parks Foundation in addition through the Penny for Parks dedicated tax program.


Public Presentation on October 3rd

Meet us in Lakeside Park to hear all about the plans for the final phase of Burlington Greenway (Bike Path) Rehabilitation project.

Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront planning division staff and design consultant will share concepts for design of the southern portion of the Burlington Greenway (Queen City Park Rd – Perkins Pier).

Phase 3 Design Kicks Off

The third and final phase of the Burlington Greenway has kicked off, with BPRW contracting with VHB, a South Burlington engineering firm that has provided design services for phases 1 and 2 previously. Phase 3 begins at the City’s southern border (Queen City Park Road), parallels the Champlain Parkway alignment, connecting to Oakledge Park via Austin Drive, through the Lakeside neighborhood, behind the former Blodgett Oven factory, then passing through Roundhouse Park and Perkins Pier.

Design development will follow the 2013 Conceptual Design, developed for the entirety of the 8+ miles of waterfront bike path in the Burlington city limits. Extensive public engagement happened during that process, with input from various stakeholders, neighbors and bike path users shaping this conceptual alignment and design. BPRW will be making informational stops at the Ward 5 NPA later in the fall to update the public on the project.

BPRW is looking forward to completing this last portion of this immensely popular recreational and transportation facility. Additionally, in keeping with the approach on Phases 1 and 2, the project will include additional pause places (Oakledge and Roundhouse Parks) and UVM Medical Center Fitness Stations (Oakledge). Of course, during construction there will be detours and closures. Please monitor our communications for the latest updates. We thank you in advance for your continued patience.


Phase 2: Smooth Sailing and Pause Places

We hope you have enjoyed a season of unimpeded access to the newer portions of the world class Burlington Greenway. BPRW opened a completed phase 2, from North Beach Campground to the Winooski River, in time for the Vermont City Marathon at the end of May, 2018. We were thrilled with the enthusiasm both the event organizers and spectators embraced new facilities and access points. The new parking area at North Avenue extension functioned beautifully as a watering and bathroom station, and the new access point at Killarney Drive was a veritable park with large crowds gathering to watch this central location. Since the Marathon then the grass has fully grown in!

New accessible connection between Killarney Drive and the Burlington Greenway functioned beautifully as an access point and spectating spot during the Vermont City Marathon in May 2018
The newly formalized parking area at the intersection of North Avenue and the Burlington Greenway makes a nice location for an Aid Station during the Vermont City Marathon.

Completed on time, with minimal complications from working with urban soils, the 3.3 mile, $2.6 million dollar Phase 2 Burlington Greenway Rehabilitation marks the successful completion of the largest BPRW managed project to date. While the path proper has been open for months, Pause places are designed and ready for fall construction at Leddy Park (near the Arena) and Northshore, and a third slated for construction next season at Starr Farm Park. Leddy Park will not only see a new oval pause place with decked overlook at the intersection of the bike path and the entrance to the Arena, but will also include accessibility upgrades between the bike path, Arena front entrance and Leddy Beach, improved stormwater management and the replacement of wood stairs between the Picnic Grove and the beach.

The University of Vermont Medical Center Fitness Trail will add to the growing network of Exercise stations with their fourth location created between the Greenway and the entrance to the arena. BPRW Director and Planning Staff presented these plans and projected construction schedule at the Wards 4/7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly on August 22, 2018.

Northshore will see a replacement of an overlook that was built in the 1990’s that will include an exposed aggregate plaza, bike parking, a bench plus seating wall, native plantings and the replacement of steps to the beach that were destroyed by fire last year. BPRW is working closely with the State of Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife on the preservation of the fragile ecosystem. While given the all clear for replacing the pause place and staircase at the northern North Shore location, State botanists will play a planning role in any future construction in the stretch between Starr Farm Park and North Avenue.

Designs for the new overlook and stairs at North Shore

BPRW is in the midst of gathering public input and studying existing park use at Starr Farm in preparation for hiring a design consultant for the creation of the final New North End pause place, complete with a University of Vermont Medical Center Fitness Station. Please weigh in by taking the Starr Farm survey! We’ll let you know when it’s available via this home page, Front Porch Forum and our facebook page.

Our Trees & Greenways team, in collaboration with our Parks Planning Division, are preparing for the first phase of an ambitious tree planting in the Phase 2 corridor. Using research proven planting methods and timing, BPRW will plant 120 trees in October. More recently, BPRW staff members paid a fireside visit to the Crow’s Path Outdoor School at Rock Point to talk trees and deliver and plant special gifts: bare root bur oaks and bitternut hickories that were then sighted, planted and mulched with the children. Over the summer, the students have been watering these plantings and monitoring their success.

City Arborist V.J. Comai plants trees with faculty and students at Rock Point’s Crow’s Path Outdoor School.

Finally, the last piece of the northern Burlington Greenway remaining is the replacement of the North Beach overpass, connecting North Beach Campground and North Beach. Construction drawings for that structure are currently being wrapped up, with construction scheduled for winter and spring of 2018-19. This project will greatly enhance safety, accessibility, ecology and aesthetics at the important intersection, and BPRW and their designers are working closely with the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation, which owns this section of the Greenway right-of-way.



4 thoughts on “Burlington Greenway Updates

  1. I received an “out of office” response to DM Wood to my following question:
    “Dear DM Wood,

    I’ll be out of town on the 3rd, and would like to know if the “Amtrak Realignment” will include removing the two railroad tracks crossings from the path? I’ve been a supporter of working with Mr. Pecor to provide easement (or sale) of that portion of his Ferry property that would allow the Greenway to avoid those two dangerous (to bike wheels, etc) crossings and the horrible bottleneck at the Wing Building.”

  2. The focus of Wednesday’s meeting will be on the Greenway/Bike Path Rehabilitation in the South End. The King to College section is a separate project. Our team is looking into the feasibility of realigning the bike path to the western side of the tracks as well as a few different width alternatives for realignment. We have heard from other Burlingtonians like yourself who also support a realignment. We’ll share updates on the Greenway website as they are available.

  3. Hi Damon, lighting along the path is not part of our standard design, unless the path travel through a park or traffic intersection.

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