Problems, Solved.

Part of our bike path suffered from erosion by water and wind so our Bikepath Maintenance Specialist, Cory Campbell set out to find a permanent solution. Since we don’t like to waste stuff, Cory used posts from a retired playground structure and trees from a forestry thinning practice when he constructed this retaining wall. General back fill was added and capped with topsoil and grass seed for the finishing touches.

Retaining Wall

More improvements have also been made to the Boathouse. Buildings Maintenance Foreman, Todd Greenough and his team solved a very difficult issue regarding the utilities at the boathouse.  The department had recognized a couple years ago that it often lost power in the summers due to the significant draw of electricity from the concession, which has grown over the years. To solve the issue, the inefficient electric water heaters have been replaced with two 95% efficient gas water heaters.  There was additional treatment work done to the bilge in the area of the water heater installation as well. After completion, BED will be issuing a rebate to the department, but real savings should be seen in lower utilities at the boathouse this summer!