12 Outdoor Winter Activities for Your Child

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One of the worst parts of winter is the amount of “inside” time kids have. There are lots to keep them active if they are involved in indoor sports, but being in enclosed spaces so much of the time doesn’t let them experience the beauty of the season itself.

We should all be thinking about ways to get our children outside during the winter season, and there are plenty of activities that will engage and excite them. Here are twelve outdoor winter activities – some common, some a bit “outside the box.” Have a look and pick a few that will work for you.

  1. Ice Skating: It’s never too early to start children in this activity. There are even skates with double blades for very young children that will keep them much more stable as newbies on the ice. And with plenty of padding, those falls won’t be disastrous. If the outdoor rinks aren’t skate-able, stop by the Leddy Ice Arena for Public Skating
  2. Frozen Sculptures: Building snowmen is fun, but if that becomes a bit boring after a while, try something new! If temperatures are below freezing, blow up balloons and fill them with colored water. Set the balloons outside until the water freezes. Pop those balloons and you have a bunch of colored balls with which to make a simple snow sculpture.
  3. Make Your Own Sleds: If you have recently had an appliance delivered, don’t throw away that box. Cut out the four sides. Punch holes in two corners and run twine through them. Kids can pull each other on them. Or, if you have a great hill, what could be better?
  4. Trails are Not Just for Warm Weather: One of the cool things about winter is that vegetation is at a minimum. Taking a hike on a nature trail can reveal winter wildlife that is not so easily visible during other seasons. Take some binoculars too. Burlington Wildways trail will take you along the Winooski River and then through Ethan Allen Park.
  5. Go Plogging: This is actually a Swedish term for “pluck.” Take your kids on a brisk walk or jog to get their exercise. Along the way, pick up trash. The bending and squatting actually adds to your “fitness” routine!
  6. Feed the Birds: Set up bird feeders in your yard and watch the feathered visitors flock you way. With a handy guide book or an app, you can get familiar with the winter birds in our area. 
  7. Make Snow Lanterns: The kids will have to make a lot of snowballs for this one. Once the snowballs are made, make a circle with several of them, then keep adding layers on top, leaving enough space between them for air to pass through. Place a tea candle, or put a glow stick, in the middle of the bottom circle. At night, light the tea candle and you have a lantern. This is particularly cool along walkways and driveways, and they will last for several days as long as temperatures cooperate. Just replace the tea candle.
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  8. Pretend to Be at the Beach: A yard full of snow can become a beach or a giant sandbox. Get out those summer sand toys and let the kids build their castles in the snow. And for added fun, put colored water in spray bottles and let them “paint” them.
  9. Ice Fishing: If your kids like to fish in the warm weather, show them how to fish in the cold too. Ice fishing can be great fun if everyone is dressed for the sport. Just be certain that any pond or lake you choose has been certified safe by local authorities.
  10. Rent Some Snow Shoes: Young kids may not be up for learning how to cross-country ski yet, but they can have great fun walking on the snow with snowshoes, especially when that snow is a bit deep, and regular walking with boots can become tiresome.
  11. Bubble Blowing: You know how much kids love to blow bubbles in the warm weather. When temperatures are below freezing, bubbles do different things – they freeze, actually. Not only is this fund to experience, but it can be a bit of a science lesson too.
  12. Camping: OK. This is not for the faint of heart, and it will require the right gear. But a lot of people do go camping in the winter and love it. If you have not done this, do the research, so that a short winter camping trip can be something that everyone enjoys.


What’s Your Pleasure?

Sally Schwartz, writer and editor for Top Writers Review, is an aficionado of outdoor winter activities. In fact, she deliberately travels to winter seasons around the globe and works from those. “There is something about the cold, the snow, and the winter weather activities that beckon me year-round. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, or just lapping up nature in a winter habitat, there is something spiritually fulfilling that I cannot get on a beach.” You may not feel totally like Sally about the winter, but you certainly can make life more enjoyable than sitting inside with TV or video games. Get out and make memories.


Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a psychologist and family counselor. She is also a freelance writer and a contributor to many sources. You can check her last review of Trustmypaper.  Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.


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