New Outdoor Exercise Equipment at the Miller Center thanks to AARP! 

If you’ve been to the Miller Recreation Center in the past week or so, you may be wondering, “What’s with the new gazebo?” 

That’s no gazebo! Thanks to a grant initiative funded by AARP, Burlington has received an awesome set of new exercise equipment!  

As part of its 60th anniversary celebration, AARP committed to build a fitness park in every stateBurlington was selected as the site for Vermont back in the winter of 2019. Planning for the new fitness station has been ongoing while the final legal documents were under review. With contract finalization in late May, the project was given approval to move forward and a tentative date was set for construction in late June. In addition to the equipment, AARP will host an exercise class demonstrating use of all equipment in a 45-60 minute circuit. The final date is for these classes is still TBD due to the impacts of COVID-19.  

You can find out more about the initiative on AARP’s website. 

Why is construction happening now?  

Scheduling of construction has been largely left to the AARP/FitLot team, since they are coordinating construction. 

The project broke ground on June 19th with the excavation and pouring of the concrete pad. Once finished, the installation crew arrived on June 25th and quickly erected the structure over the course of about a day-and-a-half.  

Can I use it?  

Not yet! We are still awaiting the installation of the rubberized safety surfacing. There are currently numerous exposed anchor bolts holding the equipment and shade canopy in place. Also, the safety surfacing will provide a much bouncier surface that will reduce strain on knee and ankle joints for anyone working out on the equipment. The surfacing installation is tentatively scheduled to begin on July 1 and finish on July 3. We expect to need a few business days following that to place the final topsoil, seed, and mulch.   

Once formally open, we ask members of our community to please note that the equipment, similar to other playgrounds and exercise equipment in the City, is NOT sanitized. We suggest that people stay home when they feel sick, wash hands before and after using the equipment, and maintain proper 6′ social distancing. 




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