City-wide Signage Installation

The New Signs Are Up!

After four days of installation (April 9th to 13th) 32 new signs were installed along the Greenway and throughout our Parks! See below for pictures from the installation process and of the finished signs. As you notice them around town, please feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

Helical anchors screwed into the ground allowed for rapid installation even in areas with contaminated 
The installation crew unwraps and anchors the signposts to the helical anchors.
One of our new Greenway ID posts at the intersection of the Greenway and Starr Farm Rd.
Smalley Park received a new Park ID sign to accompany the freshly renovated softball field.
Multi-lingual rules and regulations signage at all of our public beaches, City Hall Park, and Roosevelt Park ensure everyone knows the Park rules.
New Signage on the Boathouse faces toward the boardwalk at Waterfront Park and out toward boaters coming in from the Lake.


New Signage  Installation Begins

Starting next week, BPRW will continue the roll-out of our new wayfinding and signage standards with the installation of over 30 new signs throughout our parks!

The installation crew will head out, along with BPRW’s project coordinator and the signage manufacturer, for site-visits on April 9th to develop an efficient work plan and to coordinate where to stage materials for each site. Installations will then be ongoing throughout the week. While all of the sites will remain open during installation, we ask that everyone uses caution around the installation crew and their construction equipment if you happen to encounter them.

With this round of signage replacement there are three types of signs that will be installed:

  • Greenway Signposts
  • Park ID signs
  • Multi-language Rules and Regulations Signage

Signposts along the Burlington Greenway will be placed on either side of the recently reconstructed and landscaped street intersections, including: the north side of College St, Penny Lane, Killarney Dr, Shore Rd, Staniford Rd, Starr Farm Rd, and North Avenue (Extension). BPRW specifically selected a contractor that could install these posts using helical anchors, which drive into the ground similar to how a screw spins into wood (ours will be a bit smaller than the ones shown in the linked video!). This eliminates costs and hazards with potential handling of contaminated urban soils.

Park ID Signs at Roosevelt, Smalley, and Schmanska Parks will replace the aging signs that currently reside at each of these parks and at Pomeroy Park a new ID sign will be installed to replace one that was destroyed in early 2017. At the Burlington Community Boathouse, an ID sign will be attached to the east and west railings of the upper deck as a signal for all who visit Burlington’s waterfront—via land or water—that this valuable historic site is indeed a public amenity and part of our parks system.

One of our existing park ID signs
A rendering of what the new ID signs will look like

As part of a city-wide language accessibility initiative and to build on our goal of inclusivity laid out in the 2015 BPRW Master Plan, we will also be rolling out multi-lingual rules and regulations signage at all of our public beaches, City Hall Park, and Roosevelt Park. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible and to ensure the accuracy of all of our translations, we commissioned the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) to translate all of our park rules into the 8 most commonly spoken languages (besides English) throughout the Burlington area: French, Nepali, Arabic, Vietnamese, Burmese/Karen, Bosnian, Swahili, and Somali.

We’ll be posting more pictures and project updates here as the signs are installed throughout next week. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as we move forward with another of our many construction projects!

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