Appletree Park Tennis Court Reconstruction

10/15 Tennis Courts Open!

With the final pavement installed at the end of September and some fortuitously warm weather on October 10th, our contractor applied the final paint and surfacing to the tennis courts. We closed them up through the weekend to give them some extra time to cure during the cool wet weather that followed and opened up the courts for play this afternoon. Feel free to stop by, check them out, and hit a few balls the next time you’re in the park!

9/12 Update: Tennis Court Reconstruction Underway!

Reconstruction of Appletree Park’s tennis courts began in full-swing last on September 4th. To make up for the late start, the contractor has outlined an ambitious schedule and has been making rapid progress toward bringing the project back on track for completion this fall.

Tennis court reconstruction kicks off with the removal of the old fencing.

First, the fencing of the old courts were removed (with materials taken to appropriate recycling facilities) and a reclaimer ground the surface of the old courts in-place, reducing the need to send material to a landfill and adding additional foundation for the new courts. A laser-grader then dozed the reclaimed surface so that it will drain properly and provide a solid base for the new courts.


8/27 Appletree Court Reconstruction Schedule Update:

Some of you may have noticed that construction has not yet begun at Appletree Park. Our contractor has experienced delays on a different project that, unfortunately, has prevented them from starting at Appletree according to their proposed schedule.

They have confirmed that they will be able to begin construction at the Park the week of September 3rd and that the project should proceed according to plan from there.


8/6 Post:

Next week reconstruction of the tennis courts at Appletree Park will begin with mobilization of equipment and materials on August 13th and continue through to September 27th. The courts will be reconstructed from the base up, including an additional layer of washed stone and a drainage pipe to account for the high-groundwater in the park, new dense-grade base on geotextile, new asphalt surface and coating, and new fencing and tennis nets.

In addition to the renovation of the tennis courts, the pathway to the courts and parking spaces will be repaved, new benches will be installed, and the basketball courts will receive crack filling and resurfacing.

We will be posting updates here and via social media as the project moves along. Feel free to reach out with any questions and comments.

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  1. We are looking to resurface our tennis court; can you please share who your contractor was.
    Thanks so much.

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