2021 Greenway Projects

Updates will be posted here for the construction updates affecting the Bike Path for the 2021 construction season.

This season will bring ongoing work in the Waterfront area for the Railway realignment project.

Expect the section of the path between College and Maple Streets to remain closed. Pedestrian access to the Community Boathouse and all Waterfront businesses WILL REMAIN OPEN all season. Vehicle and parking access may be interrupted at times. We will do all we can to get the word out about disruptions in a timely manner.

Click here to read the official info from VTRANS about the project


Key info:

  • Expect the section of the bike path between College and Maple Streets to remain closed during Phases 1, 2 and 3
  • Pedestrian access to all Waterfront businesses will remain open all season
  • There will be intermittent disruptions to vehicle and parking access throughout Phases 1, 2 and 3

If you have questions, please contact Natalie Boyle, Public Information Consultant, with questions or concerns, to receive project updates and alerts, and to remain informed of the progress on the project and what to expect.

Project information from Agency of Transportation can be found on their website  or their Facebook page

Work is also planned for the Path in Oakledge Park between Flynn Ave and Austin Drive.

This is the final section of the rehabilitation project that began in 2013!

Early Prep Work in April

Last week, BPRW’s Trees & Greenways crew selectively removed approximately 15 trees at Oakledge Park in preparation for Greenway rehabilitation. All of the larger trees, including five large green ash,  were taken out in anticipation of eventual decimation by the Emerald ash borer. BPRW’s policy, as a part of the City Arborists’s EAB Response Plan, is to remove ash trees within and near project areas. Green ash are relatively short lived, weak-wooded species and these trees were beginning to show signs of decline. While preservation of healthy ash trees is possible by injecting them with insecticide every two years at a considerable cost, the decision was made to remove them because of their proximity to the lake and the playground. There were also about three medium sized maples that were dead or dying that were removed from the area of bike path construction.

Approximately ten smaller trees were removed through the wooded sections of the path adjacent to the tennis courts and in the section between the upper parking lot and Austin Dr. These were deemed potential bat roosting trees that needed to be removed by the State required date of April 15 to avoid negative impacts on the nesting season for long-eared bats. BPRW is committed to replace these trees, or beyond, with a diverse planting of species native to the environment within the park. More information, will be posted here as plans get formulated.



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