What’s the BUZZ about?

We’ve heard the buzzing complaints the bugs, and we agree… it’s a particularly bad mosquito season!

The problem is not localized to Burlington alone. The VT Department of Health recently tweeted about ways to #FightTheBite

Your cries for help have not gone unheard.

I did a little investigating, and after communicating with Public Works, the City’s Health Officer and our own Parks staff, I learned there is little the City does to control the mosquito population. We’re fortunate that in most years, there’s been nothing to warrant any consideration of bug pest control. Also, the use of pesticides is NOT common practice for any department, especially BPRW.

Our parks superintendent noted that we do use cedar mulch, which is known to be a mosquito deterrent and regular mowing helps too. But other than that… there’s little else to do but to take personal precautions against the pesky predators.

We’ve heard of some home bug controls including bug zappers and devices called “Mosquito Magnets”. Other suggestions we’ve heard include rubbing dryer sheets on yourself…

What have you tried? What seems to work?

Please do share!


Yes, apparently there’s an app for repelling mosquitoes, but I’m skeptical it works.


While this may not be the most fashionable solution, it keeps the pests away from my face!

Here’s some more tips:

  • Keep covered! Wear lightweight long pants and long sleeved shirts. Light colored clothing is better.
  • Avoid being outdoors at dusk and dawn.
  • Use Bug Spray… lots of bug spray.

Get more tips and info from the expert in VT  Dept of Health:


Good luck in your battles against the bugs. We’re out there fighting the good fight with you!


Feature photo: US Department of Agriculture;, Public Domain,