UVM Study Sheds Light On Winter Blues Therapy

Beat the Winter Blues, Stay Active!

Local ABC22/FOX44 released a news report on Friday about UVM’s recently published study. Psychology professor Kelly Rohan’s research shows participants that received a special form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that “taught them to challenge negative thoughts about dark winter months and resist behaviors, like social isolation” showed a better rate of success in fighting off seasonal depression than those that used light therapy alone.

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UVM Winter Blues article


So can you Beat the Winter Blues?

“Find things that are fun, and do more of them”, says University of Vermont Psychology Professor Kelly Rohan.

BRPW agrees.  Staying active all year is imperative to health and wellness. Part of our mission to connect people to new and fun activities that support a healthy lifestyle.  If bundling up for a winter walk along the Waterfont is less than appealing to you, them come play inside. Try your hand at pickleball, play a game of basketball, indoor soccer or table tennis at our Miller Center. Bring the whole family out for ice skating or hockey at the Leddy Arena. Not into sports? Then come to a book club meeting or sign up for a class in learning ukulele, guitar or art. Active minds and social interactions are all part of overall health.

Watch the ABC22/Foxx44 video

Winter Blues TV Report