Stay Safe & Healthy This Summer While Enjoying Burlington’s Parks

Guest blog post by: Jacqueline Cairnse, freelance writer


The average American visits their local park 27 times per year, according to the National Park & Recreation Association. Parks are a great way for families to spend quality time together as they offer lots to do, including getting to grips with nature, long walking trails, and the opportunity to partake in fun activities together, such as tennis and basketball. But, with the hot weather just around the corner, it’s essential that you keep you and your family safe and healthy while exploring Burlington’s large choice of parks.

1. Look after your skin

Summer in Vermont is renowned for being hot and humid, with temperatures regularly resting in between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As the sun is capable of burning your skin in a matter of minutes, you should always carry sunscreen with you when attending Burlington’s parks. As a minimum, opt for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and remember to re-apply it regularly. Failing to do so can result in skin cancer, a disease which is highly prevalent in Vermont. Latest figures show that Vermont has the fourth highest rate of skin cancer in the whole of the U.S, so precautions should be taken whenever you’re out in Burlington’s sunny parks.

2. Eat well

79% of Americans state that they want their local park to offer healthy food options. And you’ll find some great choices during the food festivals which are regularly held at the Waterfront Park. But during other times of the year, a picnic to the park is a joyous family experience. Take care to ensure you’re offering your family nutritious foods which will benefit their wellbeing. Packing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to devour is crucial. Similarly, providing good sources of protein will ensure you all stay physically strong and that your body functions as it should.

3. Get active

27.6% of adults living in Vermont are currently obese, while 12.6% of high school students in the state are also considered obese. Individuals who are overweight are at greater risk of developing conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Thankfully, Burlington’s parks offer plenty of opportunities to get physically active and lose some pounds. At Calahan Park, you can enjoy some friendly sports together, including baseball and basketball, while Ethan Allan Park and Leddy Park have some beautiful walking trails that you enjoy at your own leisure.

4. Remember Bug protection

It’s common for individuals to get bitten or stung while spending time at the park during summer as bugs are more common at this time of year. You should, therefore, make sure you’re prepared by carrying itch relief cream and allergy tablets with you. It’s also advisable to avoid wearing perfumed deodorants, creams, and similar items as these tend to attract bugs. Similarly, avoid sitting near flowers at the park and place a picnic blanket on the grass to protect your legs and feet.

As long as you attend your favorite Burlington park fully prepared, you can be sure that your family’s health will be safeguarded this summer. And, by embracing all the activities on offer, you may even find that you become fitter too.




NOTE: This post content is provided by a guest blogger. The stated author is solely responsible for accuracy and copyright.