Great Streets Need Great Trees

Our City has spent many years developing plans to improve our streets, not only for the drivers in their cars, but for pedestrians and bikers as well. BPRW is happy to assist and support the Great Streets plans that improve connectivity, access to open spaces and grow our tree canopy.

As mentioned in our own Parks Master plan, our city arborists and planning team are actively planning for INCREASED urban tree coverage (UTC) in Burlington. Our current tree coverage is estimated to be 43% and we have a goal of reaching 50% by 2025. Compared to other cities, Burlington is well above the national average of on 27%, and it is important to continue to protect and grow this green asset.

We have participated in and happily endorse the standards set forth in the Great Streets initiative! Great Streets sets forth the right conditions for healthier and long-lived street trees and other beautiful green infrastructure such as rain gardens. Not only does Great Streets call for inviting pedestrian spaces and protected bike lanes, the standards will enhance stormwater management, which helps improve the health of Lake Champlain.

Read more about it in the Great Streets draft plan for Street Ecology here.

The whole Great Street website has all of the projects associated with 5-year plan.