Roosevelt Basketball Courts Open!

The courts at Roosevelt are officially open for use! While we know the temperature may be a little bit cold for outdoor basketball, we wanted to let everyone know that the hoops are up and ready for play. Our contractor will come by in the next week or two to complete some of the finish work and tidy things up before the first major snow (cleaning excess sand and gravel, root pruning of trees, top soiling, frost-seeding and mulching, etc.), but this should not impact the use of the courts.

In the early Spring (April or May depending on the weather), a subcontractor will apply the final acrylic surface and paint, during which the courts will have to close for several days while the paint and surfacing dry. We are disappointed to not complete all of the project this season, but on the plus side, the extra time will ensure that all of the oils have left the pavement surface and allow the paint to coat and adhere better. We will keep you posted as soon as we have a firm date set for painting.

Also in the spring, BPRW staff will install new benches to replace the worn out wooden benches that were next to the courts and mount a new water fountain on the outside of the Youth Center. We will also be assessing and adjusting landscaping to make sure all our plantings are healthy and look inviting.

See you again in the Spring and in the meantime, enjoy the courts!