New Street Trees

The tree crew, with help from urban forestry students from the Northland Job Corps School in Vergennes, planted 20 new trees in the Strathmore neighborhood off of Appletree Point Rd. in the new north end this week.

This was the first of several plantings in this neighborhood that will be completed over the next few years to establish new canopy trees that will eventually take the place of the existing ash trees which will be removed when they fall victim to infestation by the emerald ash borer. This proactive approach will help to diversify the street tree species in the neighborhood which will serve to eliminate the future loss of large numbers of trees from exotic invasive pest or diseases that may arise that are species specific. Similar plantings are planned for neighborhoods with high ash populations in the next few years in other parts of the city. 75 new trees have been planted this fall throughout the city by the tree crew. Combined with plantings from this past spring, more than 200 new trees were planted in Burlington this year!