2019 Additions to Burlington’s Tree Family

This year, our tree team planted around 420 new trees throughout the City! If you’re curious what type of tree is near your house, the list is below. There are about 25-30 trees remaining in the nursery which will be dug and planted in the spring as they are not recommended for fall transplanting.

These additions help us reach our overall tree canopy goals and will mitigate the inevitable loses due to the emerald ash borer invasion. We’ve planted a diverse array of specimens to prevent the potential loses to our street trees from future blights or pests.

In planning for the upcoming loss of ash trees, many of the trees listed below were interplanted among existing ash (similar to what we did in the Appletree point neighborhood this past spring); Sterling Place and Alexis Drive, Clover Lane, Lori Lane, and Southwind off of Flynn Ave. To date we have planted replacements for nearly 25% of our existing greenbelt ash and will continue to implement this approach in areas of the city were space permits over the next few years.

Thanks once again for the great partnership with Branch Out Burlington! (BOB) to help grow our urban canopy.

Planting List Fall 2019



107 Loomis St., Mansfield Ave side where dawn Redwood died-  ‘Marmo’ maple (BOB)

73 Mansfield Ave. – Swamp White Oak ‘American Dream’ (Schichtel’s)

29 Mansfield Ave. – ‘Marmo’ maple – (Schichtel’s)

23 Mansfield Ave.- Swamp white oak ‘American Dream’ (Schichtel’s)

Mansfield Ave. east side where failing paperbark maple need to be removed- 2 Kentucky Coffeetree (BOB)

240 Loomis St. where ash was removed- Horsechestnut (BOB)

80 Brookes Ave.-Japanese tree lilac (BOB)



309 College St.- ‘Sunburst’ Honey locust (BOB)

337 College St. just west of South Willard 3 trees – ‘Celebration’ maple, Kentucky Coffeetree, Horsechestnut (BOB)

103 North Union St. * dig out  stump of tulip tree- ‘Celebration maple (BOB)

41 North Winooski Ave. where Crimson King Norway was removed- Plum (BOB)

24 Bright St. 2 trees- “showtime Crabapple (Schichtel’s), Plum (BOB)

360 North St –‘Showtime crabapple (Schichtel’s)

55 South Willard- ‘Marmo’ Maple (BOB)

Dewey Park- Katsura tree (BOB)

Pomeroy Park northwest corner- Katsura tree (BOB)



90 Blodgett St.- Korean Maple (BOB)

184 North Ave. – Plum (BOB)

245/247 North Ave.- 2 trees,- ‘Princeton’ elm, ‘Celebration’ maple (BOB)

26 Rose St.-  Plum (BOB)

76 Rose St. – Cornus mas (Schichtel’s)

78 Rose St. – ‘Showtime’ crabapple (Schichtel’s)

308 Main St. 2 trees- ‘Celebration’ maple, Kentucky coffeetree (BOB)

131 North Ave. – Plum (BOB)

43 Cedar St. – Cornus mas (Schichtel’s)

North Champlain St. near ACME Glass- ‘Celebration’ maple (BOB)

14 Convent Square where ash was removed- ‘Showtime’ crabapple (Schichtel’s)

32 Ward St. where Norway maple was removed- Swamp white oak (Schichtel’s)

Battery Park greenbelt where hackberry was removed- Horsechestnut (BOB)

Battery Park- Katsura tree (BOB)



Alexis Drive and Sterling Place 16 trees

4 ‘Marmo’ maple (BOB)

2 Hackberry (BOB)

3 Kentucky Coffeetree (BOB)

3 Horsechestnut (BOB)

2 London Planetree (BOB)

1 ‘Sunburst’ Honeylocust (BOB)

1  Elm (BOB)

2 ‘Marmo Maple @ corner of Stanniford Rd. and Bike path on path side (BOB)

3 ‘Marmo’ @ sites of failed filberts and sycamore in Strathmore Neighborhood (BOB)

1 ‘Celebration’ Maple @231 Lakewood Dr. Beachcrest side (BOB)

1 Kentucky coffeetree @ 231 Lakewood Drive Beachcrest Side (BOB)

1 Katsura tree (BOB), 1 Crabapple (Schichtel’s) @74 Oakcrest Dr.

Lakeview Cemetery – Katsura tree (BOB)

Lakeview Cemetery – Kentucky Coffeetree (BOB)



Southwind association (24 trees, 12 fall, 12 spring 2020)

1 ‘Sunburst’ Honeylocust (BOB)

6 London Planetree (BOB)

5 ‘Marmo’ Maple (Schichtel’s)

3 Shingle Oak (BOB) *spring

3 Hardy Rubber tree (BOB) *spring

3 Tulip tree (BOB) * spring

3 ‘Heritage’ River birch (BOB) *spring

6 Ledgemere St.- ‘Celebration’ maple (BOB)

23 Hayward St.- Plum (BOB)

32 Bittersweet Lane – Horsechestnut (BOB)

19 Margaret St.-Horsechesnut (BOB)

65 Caroline St.-  Elm (BOB)

53 Caroline St. ‘Marmo’ maple (BOB)

Shelburne Rd. near corner of Lyman Ave.- Elm (BOB)

361 Flynn Ave. – Plum (BOB)

423 St. Paul St.- Horsechestnut (BOB)

121 Charlotte St.- ‘Sienna Glen’ maple (Schichtel’s)




195 Howard St. -2 Japanese Tree Lilac (BOB)

56 Summit St. – Plum (BOB)

485 South Union St.- Japanese Tree Lilac (BOB)

18 Bayview St, where tulip was removed- ‘Celebration’ maple (BOB)

Summit Ridge, where sugar maple was removed- Katsura tree (BOB

300 South Union St. where Norway maple was removed- Plum (BOB)

15 and 24 Elm Terrace- ‘Marmo’ maple and Kentucky coffeetree (BOB)

77 Overlake Park- Hackberry (BOB)

322 St. Paul St. in front of park- Katsura tree (BOB)



Lori Lane  13 sites @ 11,19,20,35,49,58,64,77,85,86, 106,113,119

  • 3 ‘Skyline’ honeylocust, 3 ‘Accolade elm, 2 ‘American Sentry linden ( All Schichtel’s)
  • –  Kentucky coffeetree,1 Horsechestnut, 1 Elm (BOB)

86 Randy Lane- Kentucky Coffeetree (BOB)

106 Randy Lane ‘Skyline’ Honeylocust (Schichtel’s)

Clover Lane 10 sites:

  • 2 Kentucky coffeetree, 2 London Planetree, 2 ‘Sunburst Honeylocust (ALL BOB)
  • 4 Swamp White oak ‘American Dream’ (Schichtel’s)

53 Barley St. – Japanese tree lilac (BOB)

57 Meridian, Venus Ave side where Norway maple was removed- “celebration’ maple (BOB)

132 Village Green , easement tree- ‘Celebration’ maple (BOB)



369 South Prospect St. – Amur maackia (BOB)