Ethan Allen Park

Ethan Allen Park, 1006 North Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401








  • BBQ Grill
  • Pinnacle
  • Playground
  • Tower
  • Walking Trails

Additional Information

This regional park features acres of natural woodland and the city’s highest point topped by a 40’ stone tower that affords commanding views of the city, Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks. Access via North Avenue, Ethan Allen Boulevard, and the 127 Bike Path across the Bridge.

Visit Local Motion’s Trail Finder for more information on the 4 miles of trails in Ethan Allen Park’s wooded urban refuge offering a historic lookout over Burlington and the Lake Champlain region.

Learn more about the Ethan Allen Park’s natural and cultural history.

Parking is available at Ethan Allen Park, however motor vehicles are excluded from the confines of the park between the hours of 9:30pm-6:00am.

Ethan Allen Tower* is open on the following schedule:

  • Mother’s Day to Memorial Day, weekends only from 9am-sunset
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day, every day from 9am-sunset
  • Labor Day to Indigenous People’s Day, weekends only from 9am-sunset

(severe weather in the morning may result in closure for the day)

*The Tower is opened by volunteers called Tower Keypers. Periodically, something comes up and the tower cannot be opened. Please call 864-0123 prior to your visit to confirm that the Tower will be open on the day of your visit.

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