New Outdoor Exercise Equipment at the Miller Center thanks to AARP! 

If you’ve been to the Miller Recreation Center recently, you may be wondering, “What’s with the new gazebo?” 

That’s no gazebo! Thanks to a grant initiative funded by AARP, Burlington has received an awesome set of new exercise equipment!  

As part of its 60th anniversary celebration, AARP committed to build a fitness park in every state. Burlington was selected as the site for Vermont back in the winter of 2019.

Through a grant-funded AARP initiative, Burlington was selected to receive a ‘Fitlot’ outdoor gym at the Miller Recreation Center. Per Fitlot’s definition, [A Fitlot] “strengthens people and their communities by supporting the creation of public outdoor fitness parks”.  People of all ages and abilities are able to come together and use the equipment for free. The hope is that the equipment will encourage people of all abilities and ages to exercise while getting to know their neighbors. The new FitLot will be similar to the exercise stations installed in the Urban Reserve along the Burlington Greenway, which have successfully encouraged exercise among people of all ages. 

You can find out more about the initiative on AARP’s website. 

The FITLOT is open!

We ask members of our community to please note that the equipment, similar to other playgrounds and exercise equipment in the City, is NOT sanitized. We suggest that people stay home when they feel sick, wash hands before and after using the equipment, and maintain proper 6′ social distancing. 




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