A Dog Day in the Park

It’s no surprise that dogs are called  “man’s best friend” for a multitude of reasons. They are ideal exercise partners, great snugglers, loyal companions, and you can take them just about anywhere. As the state with the one of the highest rate of pet ownership in the nation, Burlington has made it possible for community members to share their experiences with their canine friends at many different locations in the area. Below is a comprehensive list for Burlington dog lovers who are curious to learn more about these publicly accessible sites.

Dogs are welcome at all of our park locations however a leash is most often required.

Why A Leash? Leashing your dog is for their safety, your safety and others in the community, and for the preservation of our luscious wildlife.


Read the following list to learn all about the nearby designated locations in our parks that welcome your four-legged friends!

Three Off-Leash Dog Areas

  1. Starr Farm Park

Details: A regional park in the New North End with various amenities including a fenced in dog park, a newly redesigned playground, community gardens, a soccer field, and easy access to the bike path and beach.

Times of Operation: May be used year round when the gates are unlocked (thanks to our dedicated volunteers)

Starr Farm Dog Park
  1. Urban Reserve (Waterfront Dog Park)

Details: North of the Waterfront Park and south of North Beach, this area offers dogs and their owners a great view of Lake Champlain and a large fenced in space. Access to the water is across the path via the new steps!

Times of Operation: May be used any at time of the day and year.

Newly renovated Waterfront Dog Park
Water access near Waterfront Dog Park
  1. Texaco Beach

Details: A non-fenced area located south of North Beach, north of the Urban Reserve and Waterfront Park for public access with a great view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.

Times of Operation: May be used during the summer period.

Sandy beach access


Dogs are NOT allowed on 3 of the City’s main beaches:

  1. Oakledge Beach

Location: Blanchard Beach and the Cove on the bike path


  1. Leddy Beach

Location: On sandy shoreline below the stairs.


  1. North Beach

Location: On any area of beach touching sand.


Why Scoop the Poop? Dog waste on the beach is a key contributor to bacteria in contaminated waters, posing a serious health risk to beach-goers. Rain washes waste down storm drains and into the waterways like rivers, lakes, and beaches which can make people sick from salmonella & E. coli. The most important thing to bring along when walking a dog are poop bags or a pooper scooper so that it doesn’t end up in the lake or on the bottom of someone’s shoes!


To learn more about rules and regulations for the city of Burlington, check out