Become a BACG Gardener

Become a BACG Gardener

All of our Gardens are Full for the 2017 Growing Season

Important Dates:

  • Registration Deadline to Maintain Returning Gardener Status: December 15th (all registrations received after this date will not be guaranteed the same plot assignment).
    Download the 2018 Returning Gardener form: 2018 RETURNING Gardener
  • New Gardener Registration Period: February 1st – March 15th
    Download the NEW Gardener Form: BACG 2018 NEW Gardener

**Your site leader will contact you in the Spring to confirm your site’s tentative tilling dates and opening date**

Plot Locations and Sizes

Site Address Tools/Shed OnSite Parking Plot Sizes* No-Till** OnSite Water***
Archibald 28 Archibald St. Yes No Kitchen Plot Yes Yes (rain barrels)
Baird 1110 Pine Street Yes Yes (street) Quarter Plot Yes Yes (rain barrels)
Calahan 2 Locust Street Yes No Kitchen, Quarter, and Half Plots Yes Yes
Champlain 800 Pine St. Yes Yes Half and Full Plots Yes Yes
Discovery Ethan Allen Homestead Yes Yes Kitchen, Quarter, and Half Plots Yes Yes
Lakeview 311 North Ave. Yes Yes Half Plots Yes Yes
Medical Center 155-177 East Ave. Yes Yes Half and Full Plots Yes Yes
Myrtle St Avant Garden 31 Myrtle Street Yes Yes (street) Kitchen Plots Yes Yes
Riverside Neighborhood 230 Intervale Ave. Yes Yes (street) Kitchen Yes Yes (rain barrels)
Rock Point North 2-4 Rock Point Rd. Yes Yes Half and Full Yes Yes
Starr Farm 250 Starr Farm Road Yes Yes Half and Full Both till and no-till available Yes
Tommy Thompson 282 Intervale Road Yes Yes Half and Full Both till and no-till available Yes
Wheelock 1251 Spear St. South Burlington No Yes Half and Full No Yes
WVPD Garden Ethan Allen Homestead Yes Yes Half and Full Both till and no-till available Yes

Garden Plot Fees:


Full Plot: $60.00

  • Size: Approximately 750 sq. ft.
  • Available at: Champlain Garden, Medical Center Garden, Starr Farm Gardens, Tommy Thompson Garden, Wheelock Garden, and Winooski Valley Gardens
  • Can have up to 3 full plots at certain gardens.

Half Plot: $37.00

  • Size: 250-350 sq. ft.
  • Available at: Calahan Garden, Champlain Garden, Lakeview Garden, Medical Center Garden, Discovery Garden, Rock Point Garden, Starr Farm Gardens, Tommy Thompson Garden, Wheelock Garden, and Winooski Valley Gardens

Quarter Plot: $25.00

  • Size: 100-200 sq. ft.
  • Available at: Baird Community Garden, Calahan Garden, Discovery Garden, and Starr Farm Garden

Kitchen Plot: $15.00

  • Size: Under 90 sq. ft.
  • Available at: Archibald Garden, Calahan Garden, Myrtle Street Garden, and Riverside Garden

**If you are not a Burlington resident, there is an additional $10 fee!**


Optional Fees:

  • Hay Bales: $6.00 each
  • Straw Bales: $8.00 each (while they last)
  • Compost (5 gallon bucket): $2.00 each



There are scholarships available to help with these fees, as well as opportunities to donate to the scholarship fund and lend a helping hand to gardeners in your community! Through donations, these scholarships provide 50% of the plot fee for one full, half, or quarter plot per eligible household. If you would like a scholarship just indicate it on your form!


Being a Community Gardener

Each garden site has community volunteers who act as site leaders.  You can view the 2018 Site Leader Handbook  If you are interested in becoming a site leader contact

The gardens rely heavily on their members to volunteer their time in order to keep them up and running. We ask that every gardener participates in community work throughout the growing season, 4 hours total per site. These will happen on designated “community days” (with some flexibility if necessary) and can include a variety of activities ranging anywhere from moving hay to organizing the tool sheds depending on what needs to be done. Site leaders can assist gardeners who cannot make work days by scheduling alternative work projects.

If you are interested in giving back to your community garden more than the required 4 hours, you’re in luck! There are many opportunities including becoming a site leader, being on the Garden Council, and acting as a garden mentor.

We ask that all community gardeners abide by the Gardener Agreement in order to allow our gardens and fellow community members to flourish throughout the growing season. The agreement is as follows:

  • I agree to learn and follow site guidelines and the BACG BACG Plot Maintenance Policy 2018, to maintain a spirit of cooperation with my fellow gardeners and volunteer site leaders, and to notify my site coordinator if my contact information changes.
  • I agree to begin planting my plot by the plant by date (set by your site leader). I understand if I do not comply, my plot will be forfeited to someone on the waiting list.
  • I agree to weed and maintain my plot throughout the summer. I understand that if my plot is overrun with weeds one month from the plant by date my plot will be forfeited to someone on the waiting list.
  • I agree to harvest my produce in a timely manner.
  • I agree to participate or have a representative participate in at least 4 hours of community projects.
  • I agree to clean up my plot by removing all non-organic material (stakes, fencing, burlap, twine, etc.) prior to the final Community Work Day at my site. I understand that if I have a tilled plot and leave vegetables in it that they will be harvested by volunteers and donated to the Food Shelf.