About Our Community Gardens

About Our Community Gardens

For over 40 years Burlington area residents have come together to sow seeds, tend rows and harvest rewards.  The Burlington Area Community Gardens (BACG) program is comprised of 14 garden sites across the Burlington area. Sites range from small neighborhood plots to larger sites with multiple acres of available plots.

Being part of Burlington Area Community Gardens (BACG) means contributing to the gardening community. Participants are expected to maintain their plots at a standard defined within the garden maintenance policy. Gardeners participating in the program must complete four hours of community work at their site or at a BACG event during the growing season.


BACG has a dynamic history that spans of 40 years. It all started in 1972 with the Garden Way Company. This company privately funded the establishment of over 20 garden sites throughout Burlington between 1972-79. During these years, many garden sites came and went quickly as the community around each site dissipated as it faced a lack of amenities at their garden location. Essentially, many of the sites established between 1972-79 didn’t have water on site or a place for tools to be stored. In the late seventies, Garden Way chose to forgo its private funding, and they hired staff who’s task was to work with the Burlington community to transition the leadership and funding.

By the early eighties, Garden Way successfully transitioned the garden sites to the people of Burlington. At this time a grassroots nonprofit was created. The name of this non-profit was “Burlington Area Community Gardens.” By the mid-eighties, this non-profit faced significant issues in funding its mission. They turned to the City of Burlington to ask for support. Then mayor, Bernie Sanders, quickly embraced BACG and made it a program of the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department.Garden Facilites Map 2016

Since the mid-eighties the BACG program has been on a steady path of growth and stability. Today, BACG is comprised of 14 vibrant sites that serve over 1,400 people across the Burlington Area. Download a PDF of the Garden Sites Map.

  1. Archibald
  2. Baird
  3. Calahan
  4. Champlain
  5. Discovery
  6. Lakeview
  7. Medical Center
  8. The Avant Garden at Myrtle St.
  9. Riverside Neighborhood Garden
  10. Rock Point
  11. Starr Farm
  12. Wheelock
  13. WVPD
  14. Tommy Thompson


The mission of BACG is to provide community garden sites and programs that are accessible, safe and healthy for people of diverse ages, experiences, backgrounds and abilities


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