Burlington Greenway

Bike Path, Burlington, VT





About the Burlington Greenway

The Burlington Greenway Bike/Walk Path is a jewel of our parks system and popular attraction all year round. Featuring eight miles of paved path, with aggregate shoulders for runners and walkers. Situated on the Lake Champlain shoreline, the path starts south of Oakledge park and runs north to the Winooski River. Along the way, the Greenway connects many major parks and facilities with residential neighborhoods and downtown Burlington commercial districts.

The path is part of the Island Line Trail. The northern end of the Greenway features a few miles of packed gravel on a narrow causeway over western Lake Champlain, making for a spectacular view. Take the seasonal Bike Ferry to continue riding into the Champlain Islands. If you’re planning a bike trip, be sure to check out the helpful information on Local Motion’s website

Restrooms (seasonal) are available at several points along the path: List of Public Restrooms

Want to ride the path, but don’t have a bike? Check out these places for bike rentals.

Be aware of ongoing construction on the Greenway, including engineering upgrades, updates for increased capacity, new “pause places”, and connections with recreation facilities.

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At certain times, the section of Path in Waterfront Park may be closed during events. Please read our official Path Closure Policy.

Make sure to follow our guidelines for safe use:

Greenway Guidance - Path Use Etiquette

Exercise on the UVM Medical Center Fitness Trail

Try out our three fitness stations along the Greenway in the Urban Reserve, installed trough generous support of UVM Medical Center. More stations are planned!

Learn more about the Fitness Stations