Archibald Garden

28 Archibald Street Burlington, VT


Daylight Hours





Additional Information About Archibald Gardens

The Archibald Community Garden was established in 2007 and has since grown to include 29 garden plots; six of which are half plots used by the students of The Integrated Arts Academy. The site offers access to a rain barrel collection system, a shared compost bin and a communal tool shed. Gardeners have individual plots and help to maintain a centrally located herb spiral, two fruit trees and several berry bushes.


The site is specified as organic only; meaning no chemical herbicides, pesticides, insecticides or genetically modified seeds. All gardeners practice organic methods of weed control, pest prevention and disease control. Learn to use organic methods of weed, insect, and disease control.  Ask a site coordinator if you have any questions.  If you allow pests/diseases to flourish in your plot, they spread to the rest of our plots.


The garden is open during daylight hours. Access to the site outside of public workshops and events is limited to those who have signed garden agreements and their guests. No pets, please.


Learn more about the BACG program and how to Become a Gardener