Rules & Safety

Rules & Safety

Safety & Courtesy

Vessels shall not exceed 5 MPH nor leave a damaging wake while under way when operating within the Inner Harbor.

Vessels shall not tie up except in areas designated by the Dockmaster for that purpose.

Motorists shall park automobiles and boat trailers only in areas designated for that purpose. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is not guaranteed.

Vehicle parking spaces for slip and mooring holders are not reserved.

There shall be no anchoring anywhere in the Inner Harbor. Boaters wishing to use a mooring need to check in with a Dockmaster for approval.

All boaters are responsible for the condition and action of their vessel. Proceed with great caution in the Inner Harbor and take care while navigating, adhering to all State Boater Safety Laws.


Marina Rules

  1. Lines and fenders – Boat Owner must provide adequate line and fenders and maintain them in proper condition and arrangement. In the interest of safety, the City may require that dock lines and fenders be changed or altered. In an emergency situation threatening damage to the owner’s vessel, or property of the City, determined in the sole discretion of the City, the City may cause appropriate lines and fenders to be attached to the Boat Owner’s boat and do other necessary work and the cost of doing so shall be charged to the Boat Owner;
  2. Docking assistance and surveillance – The City may provide docking assistance and maintain reasonable surveillance during regular hours from the opening of the Marina through the remainder of the season but will not be held responsible for the security and/or safekeeping of vessels moored or docked at the Marina at any time;
  3. Flame and heating elements – In no case may flame-heating elements, inflammable liquids, explosive gases or other hazardous materials or equipment be used on the docks while at the Marina.
  4. No swimming – Swimming and diving is not permitted from anywhere in the Marina’s docks or mooring areas;
  5. Docking manner – No boats shall be docked in such a manner as to have the bow pulpit extend over the walkway dock. All sailboat halyards must be properly secured to mast to eliminate clanging;
  6. Materials on dock – Boat Owners shall not place materials, supplies, rubbish or debris on walkways. For load and unload, boaters may use carts made available by the City;
  7. Waste – Boat owners shall not discharge waste material, refuse, or rubbish of any kind in to the water. All garbage and recycling shall be placed in the containers provided by the City. Vessels equipped with holding tanks may use the pump-out facilities provided at the Service Dock (Slip 45) at the Boathouse free of charge. Boaters may not dispose of any motor oil, gas or other lubricants in the water, marina dumpsters or grounds;
  8. Dock masters – City dockmasters will ONLY be on duty from May 15 through October 15 unless conditions call for a later start date or earlier end date;
  9. Slip Vacancies – Seasonal slips remaining open after July 1 may, after due notice, be reclaimed by the City and reallocated to a new boat owner. This will result in the loss of all slip and mooring privileges and the Boat Owner (s) would need to sign up on the waitlist for future eligibility;
  10. Persons acquiring a larger or smaller boat during the lease period must contact the City prior to changing boats, as length restrictions are vigorously enforced. The City retains the right to refuse any new vessel length request. If a boat owner purchases a vessel longer than the slip length or mooring requirement without securing prior permission, the City may terminate the slip/mooring agreement. The registered length of the vessel may not exceed the dock length that the boat owner occupies;
  11. Extension past season – Anyone wishing to keep their boat on a slip or mooring after October 15 must request permission in writing to the City no later than September 30. Non-authorized vessels left in a slip or on a mooring after October 15 are subject to a $50 late fee and a $50 towing fee. Boats will be locked up until full payment is received. Any boat removed without full payment of late fee will be subject to loss of slip use the following year and/or legal action;
  12. The City is not responsible for underwater vegetation growth and its effects on boater navigability. If lake conditions prevent safe navigation in or out of the slip, Boat Owner(s) must notify the City immediately so that concerns can be addressed.
  13. All marina locations follow the city noise ordinance and which is strictly enforced.
  14. Parking – Each slip and mooring holder is permitted one (1) parking pass provided by the City. An additional pass may be purchased at the Boathouse marina office. These passes are for recreational use only and not for business use. Business passes may be acquired by contacting the Marina Manager. Parking is first come, first serve. No parking passes will be issued until full payment is received, a valid and current registration is submitted and contract is signed. Passes are only given to the registered vessel owner and valid during the boating season only (May 15th- Oct 15th)
    1. Overnight parking and trailer storage is permissible at Perkins Pier for no
      more than three (3) consecutive nights.
  15. Residency Status – Residency is determined by the address listed on the valid boat registration. All Burlington addresses on valid boat registrations will receive the Burlington resident rate.
  16. Fire Procedures – Each dock is equipped with fire extinguishers in the event of a fire emergency. Boaters should notify 9-1-1 then marina staff in the event of a fire.
  17. Environmental Practices- the Boathouse Marina strives to utilize sound environmental procedures in order to prevent and reduce pollution. Our customers are encouraged to adopt similar practices. Information is available in the Boathouse office to help guide boaters in adopting the best management practices in the maintenance of their boat.

Insurance Coverage.

The Lessee of the seasonal slip/mooring is required to obtain and show evidence to the City of
Burlington in the form of a Certificate of Insurance or a copy of the insurance policy certifying
the following insurance coverage is in force:
Hull Insurance Coverage:

Coverage for physical damage to the hull of the vessel owned by the Lessee. The hull should be
insured to the actual cash value (or a stated amount policy limit) of the vessel.

Protection and Indemnity(P&I) Coverage:
Lessee is required to provide evidence of P&I/Liability coverage at the following policy limits:

For vessels up to and including 30’ in length, a $500,000 limit of liability

For Vessels of 31’ or greater in length, a $1,000,000 limit of liability

A certificate proving appropriate coverage must be provided to the City at the signing of this
lease agreement.