Youth Vacation Camps

Youth Vacation Camps

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Summer Camps

Chess Wizards Camp

Ages 6 – 12

Join us this summer for tons of challenging chess lessons, exciting games, and cool prizes. Kids improve chess skills, meet new friends, and work out their most powerful muscle – the brain! Activities include fun team chess games (like bughouse), recess time (of course), snacks, tournaments, and puzzles. Chess Wizards has been teaching the game of chess since 2002. Their interactive curriculum makes learning fun for new and seasoned players alike. Camps are led by experienced instructors, and provide students with a memorable camp experience while challenging their minds! Each camper will receive a: Chess Wizards T-shirt, Chess Wizards Trophy, Chess Wizards Folder and Chess Wizards Puzzle Book.


Ages 5 – 12
This engaging yoga camp provides campers with tools that will serve them for a lifetime of well being. In a supportive camp environment, campers will learn breathing exercises, yoga poses, group games, and relaxation. This program helps kids reduce stress, improve self-image, regulate emotions, and develop healthy habits while having fun! There will also be time for campers to play outside and make new friends!!! Sign up for this camp in the morning and Future Einstein’s Art & Computer Camp in the afternoon for a full day of camp!! Instructor: Kate Hudspeth from Spark Youth Yoga.

Future Einsteins Art/Computer Camp

Ages 5 – 12
Join us for an exciting week of computer adventures, crafts, and games. Children become Computer Detectives on a learning adventure to imaginative places. Each child will have their own laptop computer where they work on custom software designed specifically for each mission. Advancing at their own pace, children proudly apply new technology skills to solve problems and accomplish their goal. Other exciting missions include Lego Island 2, Freddi Fish, Scooby Doo, I Spy, etc, where they work on critical thinking and problem solving skills. Once the daily mission is completed, campers make a craft to go along with the lesson. Other activities include: art, gym games, snack, and more.

Youth Basketball Camp

Grades K – 7
This is an instructional based basketball camp led by former HS coach and current AAU basketball coach Sam Jackson. Special equipment including 8 1/2 foot baskets and smaller size basketballs are utilized to teach young campers fundamentals. All participants receive a camp t-shirt.

Tennis Camps

Ages 7 – 15
Players will be introduced to tennis skills and learn scoring, strategy, specialized drills and fitness training. Professional staff from Sports & Fitness Edge provide instruction for this camp that is appropriate for beginner/advanced beginner players. Tennis rackets and balls are available for all participants.

Talent Skate Camp

Ages 5 -14
Come to the NEW Andy “A_Dog” Skatepark and learn from some of Vermont’s finest boarders. This camp is geared towards skaters with beginner to intermediate skills. Skaters will be split into groups based on age and abilities. Professional staff will be directing the camp and teaching participants tricks such as pushing, ollieing, dropping in, board slides and grinds. All skaters must have helmets that clip shut, wrist, elbow and knee pads. This is a skateboarder camp (sorry, no scooters, inline, or bmx.)

Sailing Camp

Ages 8 – 15
This is a five-day introduction to sailing. Participants will learn the basics of rigging, points of sail, sailing maneuvers and capsize recovery in a safe and fun environment. U.S. Sailing certified instructors lead a variety of land and water-based activities with the goal of comfort and independence in our boats. Classes will meet regardless of the weather so plan accordingly with your gear each day. Life jackets are provided. Combine it with Talent Skate Camp for a full day at the Waterfront!

Adventure Ropes Course Camp

Ages 10 – 14
Join the UVM Teambuilding and Leadership Center Staff as you push yourself to try new things and climb to new heights in this exciting camp based at the UVM Adventure Ropes Course. Build confidence as you learn technical skills like spotting, climbing, knot tying and belaying. Hone communication and leadership skills as you work closely alongside your peers, pushing your comfort zone and exploring your potential as you work through problem solving challenges, low and high elements. The week culminates with exciting challenges like the Giant Swing and Leap!

Jr. Taste of Vermont

Ages 6 -8
In this camp, young chefs and bakers practice baking and cooking skills and prepare dishes from around Vermont and the World. Our kitchen is the living & learning teaching kitchen at the Hunt Middle School and campers explore local ethnic shops on short field trips. Parents can look forward to a luncheon on Friday prepared by the Jr. Chefs.

Many Songs, Many Voices Music Camp

Ages 6 – 9
This camp provides children opportunities to make music with their peers, play and explore a variety of instruments, learn about different genres and styles of music, and make their own musical instruments. Camp will culminate with a small performance for parents and friends on the last day. Camp is led by board-certified music therapist, Flora Whitmore.

Baseball Camp

Ages 5 – 13
BPRW teams up with local high school baseball coach, Tom Perry, to offer this extremely popular week long camp. Campers learn the basics or improve their baseball skills through instruction and games. Campers also receive an instruction manual.

Young Rembrandts Drawing Class

Ages 6 – 12
WORLD OF DINOSAURS: Travel back in time to the land of the lost. Join Young Rembrandts for a workshop celebrating a favorite topic – dinosaurs! Every day students will learn to use pastels to create impressive and frame-worthy art. Artists will draw and color different types of dinosaurs in varying artistic styles ranging from realism, graphic and cartoon. Perfect for boys or girls who love the ancient world of big lizards!
ANIMALS OF AFRICA & THE AMAZON: This summer, Young Rembrandts’ students will find themselves captivated by exotic African and Amazon beasts as they develop drawing and artistic skills. The Pastel Drawing Workshop offers a challenging 5 day course. Students will learn about some of Africa’s most majestic animals as they illustrate them using pastel chalks. An antelope showcased within a mélange of patterns, a stylized zebra with a creative color palette, and a regal lion are a few of the beasts to be explored this summer! No experience is necessary.

High School Volleyball Camp

Ages 14 – 18
This camp is designed for high school-aged athletes wanting to focus on the fundamentals of the game. Drills will help to develop specific skills including: passing, serving, hitting, and individual defense. In addition, instruction in team offensive and defensive systems will be incorporated through team play and game-like situations. The camp is open to all boys and girls in high school (including incoming freshman). Both camps will be directed by Coach Megan Priester who is currently a member of the Saint Michael’s College Varsity Volleyball Team and has coached at variety of clubs throughout New England.

Middle School Volleyball Camp

Grades 5 – 8
Volleyball is quickly growing in the high schools around Vermont, and now the middle schools are actively getting programs on line. Introduce your middle school boy or girl to the competitive sport of volleyball through this camp. Learn the basics of passing, hitting, court movements and learn to play competitive volleyball in a fun and encouraging environment. Current high school volleyball players will assist the coaches in teaching your children about this fast paced and fun sport.

Rise and Shine Camp

Ages 5 – 14
This fun camp includes crafts, games, yoga and projects in the lounge as well and nature walks, scavenger hunts and outdoor exploration of the beautiful grounds of Leddy Park. Each week will focus on a different theme. Register for Cool Camp and enjoy a full day of camp at Leddy!

Cool Camp

Ages 5 – 14
Each session features both skating and swimming instruction as well as supervised practice time on the ice and in the water. Campers also enjoy games, crafts and different themed activities each week. Campers are grouped by ability for skating and swimming instruction.

Global Premier Soccer

Ages 3 – 14
Global Premier Soccer continues to develop and grow programs for the youth soccer community in VT. International coaches from Great Britain and many other European countries deliver cutting-edge curriculums and coaching methods. U6 Juniors (ages 3-6 years) are introduced to the fundamentals of soccer through games and exercises, providing players basic soccer skills in a fun and exciting environment. Players U8-U14, take the next step in their soccer development by focusing on ball mastery through age appropriate curriculum. All players receive a GPS VT t-shirt and soccer ball. Sign up before 6/19 to ensure you get your ball on the first day of camp! The full day camp option includes swimming each afternoon at Leddy or North Beach. Opportunities to host a coach are available, please contact Iain,

String Music Camp

Ages 10 – 12
This week-long music camp is for violin players at the advanced-beginner to intermediate level. Children will be given opportunities to play simple duets, learn how to play in an ensemble, learn basic conducting skills, and practice ear training. Children will also learn music history facts, particularly focusing on the evolution of the violin from the Classical era to Contemporary Pop. The camp will culminate with a performance for family and friends on the last day.

Middle School Ultimate Frisbee Camp

Ages 10 – 15
Want to play a fast-paced game where the “Spirit of the Game” is just as important as the score? Ultimate is all about fun & inclusion. We will start with the basics of throwing and catching and play numerous games to develop fundamental athletic and frisbee skills, teach rules of the game, and always highlight teamwork and sportsmanship over winning-at-all-costs. There will be plenty of running and cheering to build confidence and self-esteem. Get ready to play for your middle school or high school team or just spend a week having fun. If there are enough registrants, the camp will be split into separate sections for boys and girls with some combined activities. Beginners are welcome. Through the week, we will create a community of youth ultimate players from different schools to meet, socialize, improve their ultimate skills together, and become friends. Camp participants receive a reversible tank-top if registered by 6/1!

Maven Skate Camp

Ages 5 -14
In a creative and safe environment that promotes wellness and encourages communication, growth, perseverance and happiness, campers will progress to the next level of skating. Beginners will learn skateboard mechanics and basic riding skills such as balance, pushing, turning, stopping, riding transitions, and dropping-in. Advanced skaters will have the opportunity to drop in on bigger obstacles/features, and learn more challenging tricks. Skaters will be assessed on the first day of the camp to establish skateboarding goals. Lessons will be adapted to each individual’s ability. All participants are educated in skateboard safety, including skateboard maintenance and skatepark etiquette. If there are any rain days, campers will explore skateboarding through music, art and culture. Campers will have the opportunity to design and paint their very own skateboard, as well as navigate different art mediums related to the skateboard culture.

Waterfront Adventures Camp

Ages 8 – 15
This camp is designed for adventurers who love to play on the Lake but would like to do more than just sail on it. We will explore Lake Champlain to the fullest from a variety of watercraft, including canoe/kayak excursions out to Lone Rock Point, paddleboarding to North Beach, and sailing adventures around Burlington Bay. Classes will meet regardless of the weather so plan accordingly with your gear each day. Life jackets are provided. Combine this camp with the Maven Skate Camp for a full day on the Waterfront!

Down To Earth Camp

Ages 3 – 11
Explore, create, and play in and with nature! Campers will spend a full day learning about and exploring the natural world by taking walks in the woods and using found objects to create beautiful works of art. Each child will create a handmade nature journal to record their adventures and observations. Every day will bring community circle time, games, exploration time and project time. Instructors: Wildflower Studios Staff.


Ages 6-13
Become a Master Builder and join us as we create a city of super structure. Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles students will build towers and castles. They will create ways to keep the structures safe from enemy forces by designing hidden walls, trap doors and drawbridges. Younger children will engineer ways to protect themselves by constructing catapults, battering rams, mobile assault towers and more! Students will use gears and motors to learn about mechanical devices such as levers, wheel and axels, pulleys, inclined planes and screws. Older children learn C-based programming and use problem-solving skills to help the robots solve the different challenges. They learn how to use Command Blocks/Redstone to create traps and other defenses.

In the afternoon, students will build their own mini movie set and create an animated movie using LEGO mini figures and other objects created at camp. The students will also learn how to edit their movies and add music, narration and titles using Professional Stop Animation software. In addition, students will build and race many types of motorized LEGO cars throughout the week. From your friends at Letgo Your Mind Summer STEM Programs.

BPRW Soccer Camp

Grades 1 – 6
Resident $75 / Non-Resident $85
Calahan Park
This camp, for boys and girls entering grades 1-6, will be directed by Jeff Hayes, one of Vermont’s most experienced soccer coaches and clinicians. Campers learn skills appropriate to their age level and most importantly, have FUN! All participants will receive a camp t-shirt.

Hat Trick Camp

Ages 5 -11
In this week long camp, participants get the opportunity to practice and improve their skating and hockey skills in a fun and encouraging environment. Our instructors will guide them through fun and productive drills, games, and activities. Participants must be able to skate and provide their own stick, gloves, shin pads, and helmet with a facemask.

Kinder Kamp

Ages 3 1/2 – 7
Get your preschooler of kindergartener hooked on camps with this half-day summer camp. Children will participate in a variety of activities including skating lessons, outdoor adventures, crafts and games. This camp is perfect for a first time camper.

Pony Camp

Ages 9 – 12
Love horses? Want to learn to take care of them, ride them and be safe around them? At Pony Camp you get lots of hands-on experience with the ponies and horses. Barn activities include: riding lessons, horse care, stable management, games on horseback, horse-related crafts. We will have an old fashioned ice cream making party on Friday and contests where you will win ribbons! Campers are bussed to the farm in Hinesburg and hours at the farm are 11:00A-2:30P. Afternoons are spent swimming and playing games in the area. Drop off and pick up is at Schmanska Barn.

Fencing Camp

Ages 8 -12
Each day will consist of three hours of instruction and related activities. Camp will include instruction in the sport of fencing, the history of fencing, general safety, etiquette and proper use of equipment. Campers will be allowed supervised fencing each day. The last camp day will include a fencing competition. Instructor: Geoff Butler-USA Fencing Professional, USA Fencing Coaches Association Member and Safe Sport Certified.

High School Ultimate Frisbee Camp

Ages 14 – 18
Ultimate is all about fun and inclusion – and it is now an official high school sport! Try your hand at throwing a hammer or improving your forehand. This camp provides high school players with an opportunity to elevate their game during the summer months. Come out for a fun week of developing athletic ability, knowledge of the game, self-esteem, confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork, and a positive attitude on and off the field to improve your skills and get ready for the next season of ultimate. The camp will be split into separate sections for boys and girls with some combined activities. Through the week, we will create a community of youth ultimate players from different schools to meet, socialize, improve their ultimate skills together, and become friends. Beginners who are interested in playing high school ultimate are welcome. Camp participants receive a reversible tank-top if registered by 6/1!

Rugby Camp

Ages 9 – 14
Led by experienced Burlington Rugby Football Club players & coaches, this camp provides children the chance to experience the game of rugby in an environment that promotes confidence and self-esteem on and off the field. Campers will be led through a multitude of sport specific drills, targeting growth of fundamental skills. This is a no contact rugby camp.

Field Hockey Camp

Ages 11 – 14
The experienced and energetic Champ Hockey staff hosts a summer camp for the field hockey lover or beginner in your home! We will focus on the fundamentals of the game of field hockey, including technical skills, tactical play, while also introducing advanced skills of field hockey. Athletes will train in an atmosphere where risk-taking is encouraged, hard work is expected, and positive coaching and peer support is the norm. Each athlete will have the opportunity to improve both their individual skills and their overall game knowledge, helping them to take their field hockey game to the next level. For more information visit or email

Taste of Vermont

Ages 9 – 12
In this camp, future chefs and bakers practice baking and cooking skills and prepare dishes from around Vermont and the World. We use the living & learning teaching kitchen at the Hunt Middle School. During this week the group will be taking off-site trips to local Vermont food producers, ethnic markets and restaurants to experience the varied Taste of Vermont experience. The week will end with a family dinner prepared by the up and coming chefs.

Challenger Soccer Camps

Ages 6 – 14
Professionally trained coaches from Great Britain will once again be providing a world class soccer experience. Campers will receive a soccer ball and a t-shirt. Make this camp even more special for your child by hosting a British coach. Please contact Jen Cotton at 540-1089 for additional information.


Ages 9 -12
Learn about simple electrical circuits, then tinker with little batteries, motors, LED lights and bulbs to create cool scribbling robots, sock puppets and cards that light up. If you like catapults and launching things in the air this is your chance to make things fly higher and farther.

Grossology Camp

Ages 9 – 12
This camp is for kids who like to get really slimy and messy!! We will explore why the human body does what it does. Sometimes it can be stinky, sometimes it can be crusty, sometimes it can be slimy!! We will create fake snot, fake blood, fake barf and other ooey gooey fun. Come prepared to get messy and grossed out! Enroll in one of the morning camps taking place at the Miller Center and Grossology in the afternoon for a full day of fun!