Update on the Soil Testing in Leddy Parking Lot

The Johnson Company (JCO) is pleased to provide the following Technical Narrative which summarizes our September 2015 assessment of soil and groundwater associated with the Alden Waterfront parcel in Burlington (the Site).

In the interest of expediting the presentation of results, this Technical Narrative was prepared at the request of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to present the assessment data so that the future jurisdiction (EPA or DEC) of the stockpiled and in-situ soils may be determined.  JCO understands that the City of Burlington intends to host an informative meeting with the public to present the data and its implications, discuss the possible disposal and/or reuse option(s), and receive input from the community.  Following this meeting the City of Burlington intends to issue a memorandum that will summarize the conclusions of this recent assessment, present the management alternatives considered, and finally present the preferred management option and timeline to be implemented as it relates to the soils currently stockpiled.

The City of Burlington remains ahead of schedule in terms of the timeline agreed upon by DEC and the City to have a final determination made regarding the management of these soils by the December 15, 2015 deadline.

Download the full Narrative here: 110415 Alden Waterfront Sampling Technical Narrative-FINAL

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There will be a public meeting about this topic:

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2015
Time: 6-7:30 PM
Location: Leddy Arena Meeting Room