Starr Farm Dog Park Fence

Construction to Begin in August

Crews will begin work on 8/17-8/28. During that time the dog park will be closed.

Dog Park Fence Final Design Selected

Thanks to everyone that joined us at the Dog Park on September 17th on-site public meeting! We had a good turnout that generated some very compelling conversations. We followed that with an online survey to gather more feedback.

Based on all the feedback received to date, of the initial design directions and the final design concept shown shown below. Design directions include:

  • Keep the dog park as large as possible while accommodating shade trees around the dog park
  • Pursue a trial of planting trees within the dog park itself. A partnership will be needed with the Dog Park volunteers to ensure a higher level of care for trees within the park due to expected nutrient loading.
  • Recognizing that the sounds of dogs barking affects the quality-of-life of neighbors, the fence will be reduced by approximately 25-feet from the southern end of the park so that a vegetated berm can be added to the site in the future.
  • As the vegetated berm is not currently within the project budget, Parks will add this improvement to the ongoing list of capital projects and begin scoping the full design, cost, and timeline.
  • Adding concrete landings at the entrances to the dog park if budget allows.

Read the complete report: 20200313 Starr Farm Dog Park Survey Results


Overview of Timeline

  • September 17th – Public Meeting at Dog Park
  • September 23rd to October 25th – Online Survey available for continued input
  • End of October – Compile results and develop final concept
  • Early-Mid November – Post final concept for feedback and last refinements
  • December/January – Post RFP for fence replacement
  • Spring 2020 – Fence construction begins as weather allows


Previous Outreach

These three preliminary concepts were developed primarily on research gathered from two surveys and site observations that were performed in the summers of 2018 and 2019. The full report on the results from each of those surveys and site observations are available below:

Starr Farm Report_ 2019

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