Celebrate at Six Flags, and Save!

Did you know that we offer discount tickets to Six Flags New England?

During the summer months you can stop by our offices to purchase them (cash or check only). After September you can purchase them.


Tickets purchased online and through your local recreation departments are good until the last day the parks are open…click on the Park Name links below to find out when the parks will be closing this year.  If people are asking you about our online tickets, please remind them that they need to purchase Bromley tickets at least one day before they plan to visit the parks. Our online purchasing information is available on our VRPA website and the links and passwords/promo codes are listed below. If you are able to post them on your website or Facebook or Instagram accounts, that would be great. Thanks very much in advance!

1)     Great Escape online ticketsCLICK HERE and look for the “promo code” box in the upper right corner, use “Vermont” for the promo code. There is an $8.99 service fee per transaction.

2)     Six Flags New England online tickets – CLICK HERE and the login information below:

Username: vermontrec

Password: sixflags2

Please note that the characters are case sensitive. There is a $8.99 service fee per order.

3)     Bromley Mountain Adventure ParkCLICK HERE and use “3” for the group name and “20vrpa19sum” for the password. These tickets must be purchased at least one day before you plan to use them. Click here for additional purchasing tips