April Stools Day

On behalf of the Burlington Dog Task Force Team, we’d like to remind everyone:

Scoop Your Poop!

Pet waste should be picked up promptly because it…

  • is harmful for kids playing in the dirt
  • contaminates locally grown food
  • contaminates drinking water and swimming areas

…. is gross!!!!

With the weather warming and snow finally melted, we want to encourage all dog owners to pick up their dog’s poop! (and any poop you see from other dogs, even if they are not your own).

Pet waste is harmful for children playing in your local neighborhood as parasites from fecal matter can remain in the soil for years. Picking up poop can also go a long way to protecting local gardens especially if you are growing food for yourselves, and protect anyone working or playing in the dirt. In addition, please keep in mind our drinking water is affected as well! According to the Lake Champlain Committee, pet waste contributes up to one-third of bacterial pollution in waterways near developed areas. (source: Bacteria from pet waste adds e-coli that can result in the closing of recreational swimming areas.

Help us protect our children’s play areas, neighborhood gardens, and local swimming spots by picking up your dog’s poop!


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