Schmanska Park Upgrades

Despite the wintry weather this past weekend, reconstruction of the basketball and tennis courts at Schmanska Park will be kicking-off tomorrow with a soil boring by the City’s Stormwater Department. Full construction will begin with mobilization of equipment and materials on April 23rd. Our selected contractor laid out an ambitious schedule to have the courts fully rebuilt and finished by June 15th.

Construction will start with the removal and replacement of the existing stormwater infrastructure next to the basketball courts. The current catch basins are caving in and we are working with the Stormwater Department to ensure that adequate long-term infrastructure gets put in place to handle the water flowing off of the reconstructed basketball courts. This should help ensure that the courts stay dry while reducing the amount of runoff directed into the nearby Centennial Brook.

Next the contractor will move out to the tennis courts, with a temporary construction road being constructed through the field to allow machinery to get across without getting stuck in soggy soils or destroying the grass. The construction road will be pushed as far east as possible to leave as much of the field available for use during construction. After the project finishes, the road will be removed and the area reseeded, restoring the field to its pre-construction size and condition.

The contractor will then then remove all the existing fencing, basketball hoops and backboards, and tennis nets. The existing asphalt and base will be recycled in place using a full-depth reclaimer and the base will be laser graded to ensure that they shed water appropriately. Once all the initial site work finishes, fresh asphalt will be laid for both courts. There will be a two-to-three-week period afterward where work will halt to allow the asphalt to off-gas before the final acrylic surface and paint are applied.

We will be posting updates here and via social media as the project moves along. Feel free to reach out with any questions and comments.

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