Schmanska Park & Grove Street Apartment Development

S.D Ireland has been working on a new apartment complex near Schmanska park.   For the next 10 days, between 7/27 — 8/5, expect some disruptions near the park and parking lot. Construction plans will create new and improved access points, parking lot resurfacing and more!

They assure us that safety is a first concern so there will be traffic control on site as needed.

The project will include:

  • Removing the asphalt in the Schmanska Park parking lot. Most of the lot will not be available, but they will ensure there are at least a few spots available for the Adventure Day Camp parents during drop off and pick up.
  • Excavation and paving near the new access point.
  • Stormwater pipe repairs and installation of rip rap stone at the end of the pipes.
  • Fire hydrant installation at the bottom of Grove Street.


The schedule is an estimate that may go quicker or slower depending on weather and other conditions.

Check their website for construction updates:


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