Roosevelt Park Rehabilitation

Starting August 28th a contractor will begin reconstructing the Basketball Courts at Roosevelt Park. The courts will be undergoing a much needed full-reconstruction. This means stockpiling the existing fencing and backboards, peeling off the existing asphalt, patching up and recompacting the crucial gravel subbase underneath the courts, and then putting down a brand new asphalt and acrylic playing surface.

In addition to the court reconstruction, the contractor will resurface the asphalt path that runs north to south through the park, install new concrete pathways around the Academic Tutoring Center to provide universal accessibility to the tennis courts and bathrooms, install new benches and a water fountain, and improve the drainage between the tennis courts and the Center.

During this time the basketball courts will be closed for use. Please use caution when entering the park and be mindful of construction equipment and vehicles moving around the basketball courts. We will be working with the contractor to ensure that all of the park’s amenities (except for the basketball courts) remain open and accessible throughout the construction period. We are also creating a detailed construction schedule with all of the project milestones. At this point we expect the project to be ongoing through the month of September and to finish in early-to-mid October. We will be posting additional construction updates here and through social media as needed. Thanks in advance for your patience.

4 thoughts on “Roosevelt Park Rehabilitation

  1. Just wanted to check if this will affect the baseball diamond. I’m with Center City and we are planning a fall ball season. Just want to make sure it’s not where stuff will be stockpiled. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sam, the ballfield will not be affected. Construction vehicles coming in through the northern entrance of the park and path resurfacing will be going on, so be mindful of that.

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