Programs & Activities: Quick Reference

Programs & Activities: Quick Reference

Upcoming December and January Programs

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Programs & Activities: Quick Reference

I=Itty Bitty, Y=Youth/Kids, YA=Youth Athletics, A=Adults, AA=Adult Athletics, C=Camps, T=Trips, F=Family




AA Women Pickup Soccer 1-Sep 1-Dec
AA Women Pickup B-Ball 1-Sep 1-Nov
T Horse Farm Tour 1-Sep
A Senior Fitness 6-Sep 22-Nov
A Adult Skating Clinic 7-Sep 29-Mar
Y Softball Pitching 7-Sep 5-Oct
T Senior Spirit Ride 9-Sep
Y Beginner 1-4 Skating 10-Sep 10-Dec
I Itty Bitty Skating 10-Sep 10-Dec
Y Super Sk8 10-Sep 10-Dec
A Adult Figures Clinic 13-Sep 28-Mar
I Itty Bitty Skating 13-Sep 13-Dec
A Adult Horse Camps 14-Sep 16-Sep
A Adult Karate 14-Sep 4-Nov
Y Beginner 1-4 Skating 14-Sep 14-Dec
Y Afterschool Fly Fishing 14-Sep 5-Oct
AA Broom Ball League 16-Sep 16-Dec
Y Sk8 Across the Stage 16-Sep 16-Dec
Y Story Graffiti 17-Sep 1-Oct
A Belly Dancing 20-Sep 25-Oct
A Wild Writing Class 20-Sep 14-Feb
A European Cooking 21-Sep 5-Oct
A Fall Poets at Miller 21-Sep 5-Oct
I Itty Bitty Soccer 21-Sep 12-Oct
Y Zumba Afterschool 21-Sep 26-Oct
A Zumba 22-Sep 10-Nov
I Movement & Dance 24-Sep 29-Oct
I Tot Bop 24-Sep 22-Oct
A Sign Langugae 27-Sep 13-Dec
T Ethnic Supper Club 29-Sep
A Wellness Program 29-Sep 17-Nov
T O.N.E. Walking Tour 30-Sep
A Adult Social Skate 1-Oct
F Family Line Dancing 4-Oct
A Yin Yoga 6-Oct 17-Nov
I Itty Bitty Sports 6-Oct 2-Dec
A Retirement Planning 5-Oct 12-Oct
AA Volleyball 6-Oct 15-Dec
A Gentle Yoga 7-Oct 11-Nov
Y&A Intro to Guitar 10-Oct 27-Oct
AA Pick up Volleyball 11-Oct 11-Apr
C No School Adventure 12-Oct
C No School Cool Camp 12-Oct
T Fall Foliage Tour 14-Oct
I Sprouting Melodies 14-Oct 18-Nov
Y Basketball Clinics 15-Oct 5-Nov
Y Aromatherapy Essentials 19-Oct
Y Afterschool Bowling 19-Oct 9-Nov
A Memoir at the Miller 19-Oct 2-Nov
A Pumpkins and Soup 20-Oct
F Family Nerf Ball Night 21-Oct
Y Global Premier Soccer 21-Oct
F Haunted Ginger Bread 22-Oct
A North End Yoga 24-Oct 12-Dec
T Ethnic Supper Club 27-Oct 27-Oct
A Adult Social Skate 5-Nov
Y Martial Arts 5-Nov 17-Dec
I Itty Bitty Public 7-Nov 30-Mar
A Belly Dancing 8-Nov 13-Dec
A Adult Karate 9-Nov 16-Dec
AA Women Pickup B-Ball 9-Nov 31-May
T Hope Cemetery Tour 10-Nov 10-Nov
AA Women Basketball 13-Nov 19-Mar
A Herbal Classics 16-Nov
A Adult First Aid/CPR 16-Nov
Y After School Climbing 16-Nov 14-Dec
A Giving Thanks Collage 16-Nov 16-Nov
T Ethnic Supper Club 17-Nov
T Fall Serenity Tour 18-Nov
AA Men Basketball 18-Nov 24-Mar
F Family Pie Making 19-Nov
C Thanksgiving Camp 21-Nov 23-Nov
A Button Bauble Bracelet 2-Dec
I Sprouting Melodies 2-Dec 13-Jan
A Adult Social Skate 3-Dec
YA Basketball 3-Dec 18-Feb
A Herbal Stocking Stuffers 7-Dec
Y Bolton Ski & Ride 16-Dec 27-Jan
Y Kids Night Out 16-Dec
F Family Yule Log 17-Dec
T Winter Light Tour 21-Dec
C Dec Vacation Sk8 Camp 26-Dec 30-Dec
C December Break Camp 27-Dec 30-Dec
A Sign Language 3-Jan 21-Mar
A Adult Karate 4-Jan 22-Feb
Y Beginner 1-4 Skating 7-Jan 11-Mar
AA Adult Indoor Soccer 8-Jan 9-Apr
I Itty Bitty Indoor Soccer 8-Jan 29-Jan
YA Indoor Soccer 8-Jan 12-Feb
A North End Yoga 9-Jan 6-Mar
A Senior Fitness 10-Jan 16-Mar
I Itty Bitty Basketball 11-Jan 1-Feb
F Cooking: Hearty Soups 14-Jan
F Family Line Dancing 17-Jan
A Women Self Defense 17-Jan
C Dog Sledding Camp 18-Jan
A Yin Yoga 19-Jan 2-Mar
AA Adult Volleyball 19-Jan 13-Apr
C No School Adventure 19-Jan
C No School Cool Camp 19-Jan
A Zumba 19-Jan 9-Mar
F Family Nerf Ball Night 20-Jan
A Gentle Yoga 20-Jan 24-Feb
Y Softball Pitching 20-Jan 17-Feb
F Cooking: Italian 21-Jan 21-Jan
Y Martial Arts 21-Jan 25-Feb
A Women Self Defense 24-Jan
A Belly Dancing 24-Jan 28-Feb
A Aromatherapy for Winter 25-Jan
A Adult First Aid/CPR 25-Jan
A Card Making 25-Jan
F Cooking: Meat Pies 28-Jan
A Ground Hog Day Movie 2-Feb
F Baking: Cupcakes 4-Feb
A Be My Valentine 9-Feb
Y Bolton Ski & Ride 10-Feb 17-Mar
F Baking: French Pastry 11-Feb 11-Feb
A Cold Pressed Soaps 15-Feb
C Wunderle Circus Camp 27-Feb 3-Mar
C Arts Camp 27-Feb 3-Mar
C Basketball Open Gym 27-Feb 3-Mar
C Cool Camp 27-Feb 3-Mar
C February Day Care 27-Feb 3-Mar
A Fruity Facials 8-Mar